Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Fleeting Observations

                                            A arty intervention 

At the end of February I decided for March I would make a  journal, concentrating on

Fleeting Observations 

 and recording what I see, as I am into stitching at the moment especially embroidery and "Slow stitching" (LINK) this was going to be an extra challenge to learn a new skill at the same time.

The weather is still crap  bad, wet and windy... what with the world in lock down it meant I would have something to  keep me occupied  rather than worry.

Image result for free drawing of a worried lady

I first practised stitching on the cover of the book. 

I had been out looking for Lichens and  Mosses so I chose this photo (below) as my first inspiration, the universe was listening   as the very next day while looking round the secondhand shops I came across two old embroidery books, by a lady called Jan Messent (she will be popping up quite a bit over the month) which just so happened to have a photo of embroidered Lichen on the front cover !
The day after at work I spotted a new magazine called "Love Embroidery " it was all meant to be ..

I found this box full of floss in the secondhand shop too, not completely full some of them are mine .

March 1 2020

March 2 2020

Today nothing much happened in my world so I took to reading some of  Jan Messent's book on
gathering supplies .

March 3 2020

This was when I discovered the magazine in the shop, there are many things I would like to try but this was my first attempt as I had seen rabbits that day. We are not sure if it is a Rabbit though ! son thinks it could be a sheep with long ears or a white donkey with a fluffy tail.

On reading up on rabbits I learned....

Litters up to seven young can be produced every four weeks and the young can start breeding at the age of three or four months .

On the other hand when the population density is high the birth rate is controlled  by the mother's body

March 4 2020

Today I stood for quite some time and listened to a Song Thrush singing, later I checked on the internet and they have put the song down in notes , this is what I tried to stitch. I have lost the link !? all you need to know is the bird song is  beautiful.

Song Thrush

5 March 2020

Was World book day.. and  yes you guess it I did a page on Jan's book .

I also got these two books from the secondhand shop, which the Sea Shore one prompted me to go look in the beck at the park ( my mind works in mysterious ways) I found some Water Louse and some kind of Nymph , an area I would love to learn more about.

Water Louse and some kind of Nymph 
6 March 2020

Today was sunny for a while, there was a lovely display from 3 Buzzards and one Crow over the house, not a bird I get very often but to get three was a treat. Then Later on we had two Red Kites fly round.

This is what I put in my journal.

I do hope you are all safe and well, take time to have a Fleeting moment with nature.


  1. What a wonderful idea Amanda - it seems so important at the moment to keep oneself occupied to try and prevent constant anxiety and worrying.

    You have embroidered some really wonderful pages for your journal - all so very impressive and I really love the lichen one.

    It must be wonderful to have Red Kites over the garden! There are reports of sightings in Warwickshire but few and far between.

    Take care and stay safe.

    1. Thank you so much RR, for the lovely comment. I am enjoying stitching and you don't need lots of "kit" to do embroidery, so you can take it anywhere and sit for a while.

  2. What a beautiful journal you have created. It is amazing what you can create with embroidery threads isn't it. We are the opposite to you here we have lots of Buzzards and no Red Kites at all.

    1. Thank you Sustainable mum for leaving a lovely comment, we are all very lucky to be able to see these great birds flying free in the sky.

  3. This is just lovely and such a creative way to record things, I love the Song Thrush! I'd love to be this skilled :) x

    1. Thanks Pam for the lovely comment, I am sure whatever art you did it would be amazing, believe in your self. I would not normally show so much of my work as I would compare my self to others. As my sister said " this is your work" and "that's their work"

  4. Like others have also said … I too think this is wonderfully creative.
    I enjoyed your photographs too.

    All the best Jan

  5. I hope you are safe and keeping well Amanda.

  6. Yes, what wonderful sewing, Amanda. I think it's great that we are all finding creative outlets as a means of recording this strange time. Some special paper arrived for me today to go with a particular type of pastel crayons, recommended by an artist I follow on Instagram... I'm not sure whether I will find these crayons work for me or not, but fun (I hope) to try something new... Oh, and like RR, I love your lichen journaling (especially since yellow lichen featured in my online poetry course assignment last Saturday!)