Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Chasing Butterflies.

First Painted Lady in the garden.

Since my last trip out I have been to many different places looking for wildflowers, and have been lucky enough to find quite a few new ones.  And being out more I have got to see many Butterflies too, which is handy for the Butterfly count going on at the moment. 

Saturdays 20 July
Stainburn Forest

Ringlet, Small Copper, Burnet, Meadow Brown, Green Veined, and Small  Heath were just a few of what I saw.

Tuesday 23 July 
Ben Rhydding Gravel Pits Nature Reserve

I had hoped to see a  White-letter Hairstreak Butterfly, not to day. There is time yest as it was well into August when I have seen them before.
Today Small Tortoiseshell were out. 

Wednesday 23 July 

At the park it was a Comma that caught my eye, such a bright vibrant colour.

Friday 26 July
The day before I had been out on my bike and come across the largest amount of 
Small Tortoiseshell
they were still there the next day , counting over 45 in the first fifteen minuets. There was probably more but it's hard to count when there are so many flying around, including Whites , Meadow Brown and Ringlet. 

Yesterday 29 July was a trip back to the park.
I was not disappointed.
10 Species seen, here are a few.

Green veined White


Meadow Brown

Painted Lady


Holly Blue.

Tuesday 30 July.

Today between the thunderstorms I managed to go a ride along the canal , from Slats mill in Saltaire to the 5 Rise Locks at Bingley.

Reports of a Great White Egret on the canal, and I got to see it. (a first for me)

Ship Mate 

Banded Demoiselle

 Banded Demoiselle

New flower today was
Arrowhead (Sagittaria sagittifolia)
growing in the canal

This afternoon has been full of thunderstorms, so no Butterflies venturing out.


  1. Oh, that is fun! You found some beautiful butterflies--many of them are similar to ours here, in fact the painted ladies are the same. Great pictures of the great white egret and the canal sights, too!

    1. Thank you so much Beth for the lovely comment, it's been a great year for the Painted Lady in the UK, so lucky to see the Egret (although I think it looks just like a white Heron :)

  2. Brilliant to see so many butterflies and so many different ones too. A little jealous of the Egret, i've never seen a Great White that close! I think i've fallen in love with the Banded Demoiselle this year, I seem to have seen so many and they are just beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much Pam, the Park has been a good place for Butterflies with all it's different environments, I was not expecting to find the Egret so easy, it was not bothered by the people on the canal, on the way back it had gone, but it has been seen around for a few days now. Might be worth a look.This was the first Banded Demoiselle I have seen this year, beautiful insect.

  3. A wonderful selection of butterflies and photos Amanda. The count of Small Tortoiseshell is particularly amazing :) It is so good to see this species together with Red Admiral and Peacock doing so well this year compared to last. Well done on the new "tick" - the canal looks a super place to walk and spot wildlife.

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment, I have been so lucky to see so many this year. I often forget to go nature watching on the canal, think it's because out side the popular areas it can be a bit doggy on your own.

  4. Your photos are wonderful, great to see the butterfiles and the Great White Egret too:)

    1. Thank you Rosie for the lovely comment, had a good wildlife week despite the rain.

  5. One big WOW!
    Your photographs are wonderful.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you so much Jan, it has been a good summer here for Butterflies.

  6. Gorgeous collection of butterflies. The Egret is beautiful! Lovely post and photos. Happy Sunday, wishing you a great new week!

    1. Thank you so much Eileen for your lovely comment.