Sunday, 17 March 2019

Books, flowers and a Newt.....


We have just had a week of quite bad weather, not the best when you have the week of work ! So as the sun came out today, a bike ride was in order and a trip to the Park, the first time I have been out with my camera in over a week.

The wet weather has had me visiting many second hand shops looking for books on nature. I was not disappointed (some are from Amazon too) 

Coming up are a few I have brought home, they range from 20p to three pounds.

This is one of my favourite books.


...another beautiful book

Shepherd's Purse

Ivy fruit 

Mistle Thrush 


eft (juvenile) of either the palmate or smooth newt, unfortunately they cannot be ID’d at this age.

Ground Beetle 
Leistus sp. / Nebria sp.

Hope you are having blue skies and rainbows wherever you are......

Monday, 4 March 2019

Beautiful day for a ride...

Date : 27 February 2019

Transport :Riding Betty on Bridleways.

Photographs : Buildings, Flowers and Birds.

From my house I can get most of the way to the church above at Adel , on Bridleways. It's about six miles, being of road you get to discover all sorts of things.
At the moment as well as churches I have grown an interest in buildings especially Farm buildings. Which is lucky as I get to pass through a few while out riding.

This Out House or it might have been used to hold an animal for example a Pig, is so cute even though its falling down.
I love how the paint is peeling of the doors and you can see the original Lintel made of wood. 

Lintel made of wood.

In Adel .

The Old School

I had come to see the flowers growing in the church yard at
 The Church of St John the Baptist.

Adel parish church, is described as "one of the best and most complete Norman churches in Yorkshire"

Crocuses as far as the eye could see.




In April I am of to a talk about  the making of Bramhope Tunnel, so we have been riding round the area looking for the buildings and evidence left behind. After the talk, I will do a post on all the structures and bridges.

Along the railway line in the wood there was new shoots coming through for Bluebells.
Dog's Mercury, Mercurialis perennis was starting to flower.

Dog's Mercury,

Opposite-Leaved Golden-Saxifrage (Chrysosplenium oppositifolium)

Here is a sneak peak of what we found in the woods.

.........OTHER NEWS........

Siskin in the garden.

First recording of a Stock Dove at the Park

and something I have never seen before .....

worms mating !

I will leave you with some pretty Pink Blossom.