Thursday, 31 August 2017

Wildlife haven...a wonderful find

Crag House farm.
Not far from us is a place called Caring for life, a church run business, there is a garden centre, coffee shop, Granary Restaurant with a gift shop and a nature walk.

Caring For Life
We are a Christian charity sharing the love of Jesus through offering compassionate, consistent care for those who have “slipped through the net,” Caring For Life provides homes, support in the community and therapeutic daytime activities, for life if needed. Caring For Life seeks to bring the love of Jesus to many who have known only abuse in childhood.

It is the most beautiful place, hid away from the main road, high up so you can see the end of the runway for Leeds/Bradford Airport. With lovely views over to Cookridge and Leeds 
I have been a few times for a look round and Afternoon tea. We have had a little look round the gardens in the past but it was raining so didn't venture to far. 

On Saturday we popped up for a coffee, I wanted a sneaky look at the house plants in the garden centre, telling OH we won't be long... Three hours later we came home !

The day was beautiful, sunny and warm bringing the Butterflies out to feed.

Peacock Butterfly
Apple orchard 

We walked down to the first pond, before heading round the garden, there are little summer houses dotted all over the site, with numbers and information boards, locked up to day but there is seating next to them.

The ponds are full of grasses, reeds and flowers, in the beds wild flowers.There were a few birds in the hedges but plenty of Butterflies and Dragonflies .

From here you can see the farm buildings, a working farm were they use some of their products in the shop, follow the track round the back of the pond, to be honest there are no sings saying you can go this way but as you get round the corner you can see the summer houses along the path. This bit is a part of the farm I have not been to, I was not disappointed.

We watched, swallows, swifts and house martins flying across the open field and around the farm, 
 a small beck followed the path with more ponds , all teaming with wildlife.

The path kept going!

Then to my surprise we came across a hide, good size to over looking another pond, information boards inside.

A large pond with plenty of wildflowers to discover.  

The hedges were full of blackberries, and other fruiting trees, as well as bird feeders .
(bird feeders all over the site)

I looked down at my foot to find this lovely chap sat on my shoe...

Looking back at the bird hide from the pond.

More paths and yet another pond...

Finally we reached the bottom,

Sways of wildflower banking's, gone over a bit now but must have looked amazing.

Walking back up the hill we watch over 5 Red kites  in the open fields, then a buzzard glided over our heads.

We found, Sloe trees and Hazel nuts after spotting this notice board.

Looking back over to Cookridge and Horsforth.
Then back up to the gardens near the Granary Restaurant.

We had such a lovely time.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Settle Flowerpot Festival

Throughout July and August Settle is decorated with flowerpot creations of every shape, size and design. All the community join in the fun; schools, churches, businesses, individuals, clubs, and visitor attractions. Our aim is to make you smile whilst you explore the town centre, the riverside and the hidden parts of Settle that visitors don’t usually find. You can choose to follow one of the Flowerpot Trails that are available to purchase from the Tourist Information Centre (LINK)

We had gone up to visit my parents not realising this event was on, we like to call at the Ye Olde Naked Man Cafe and have a look round the book shops (well I do !) then onto Giggleswick.

They were every were you looked , we didn't find them all but the Elephant on the phone box has to be my favourite.

  I was born in Langcliffe the village next to  Settle , Settle is a lovely place to visit   with many little alleyways and old buildings, here was the old registry office.


 These pots were on the Town Hall building in the square at Settle , with little steps going under the building you can find a Art Gallery, Gavagan Art, pottery and a new glass shop.

We had a look , beautiful things for the home but this old range is stunning.

The Shambles is A Grade II Listed Building in the square.

This ally way is one of my favourite places (apart from the wheelie bins) the little cobbles, many houses bunched together and a old book shop.

In the afternoon we had a walk to Giggleswick church, Church of St Alkelda
(there will be a post on my church blog)
Giggleswick is a sleepy village full of lovely old buildings.

Church of St Alkelda

There were flower pots to find in Giggleswick too.

Old houses look lovely with a dash of summer flowers.

Which is your favourite  flower pot ?