Friday, 19 May 2017

Holly Blue and a day printing...

It's not often I get to the park these day's, but one sunny day last week I managed a quick visit.

Having recorded in this park for over ten years now I know were to go to find insects to birds, they all have their place in the park.
I spotted my first Holly blue butterfly, great new tick for the park, as I looked back I think it's the first one I have ever seen too...

It was lovely to find the Great spotted-woodpecker in the same tree, feeding it's very noisy young. A new hole had been built. 


A Day Printing 

Back in March OH bought me a ticket to spend the day printing, last week I managed to go.

Bloomfield Square is a new  coffee shop in Otley, but Tony who first started out as a printer has a print shop in the back of the coffee shop, the building was a old coach house. With quirky rooms they have decorated the building beautifully. And the coffee and food is good too.

The print shop is in the back of the building, you can look through to the coffee shop and listen to the old records playing.

I had gone to make labels to put in my Junk Journals,
 ( new adventure using the most of my craft room)

I had a lovely day learning, about printing.

Way back you might remember I got my own craft room, lets say it gets used a lot !
my latest adventure is Junk Journaling.

A junk journal is a book made with mail and paper items found around one's household; it can hold ephemera that has special meaning to you such as notes, ticket stubs, magazine cutouts or newspaper clippings, etc.  You can buy kits or make your own, it's very big in America. 

I just love the process  of creating a book that someone can re-use.

My craft room is changing and now full of "Stuff"

I have even tried my had at making videos, 
 I have just about got over the shock of hearing my own voice.

If you are interested you can see them here.