Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Looking for a Goldeneye

A rare visit to Rodley Nature Reserve on Saturday in search of a Goldeneye, a bird I have only recorded the once at Eccup, there was some debate to weather the brown dot on the image was actually a Goldeneye at the time !

Pam @ Pam's place  had been on the Wednesday and seen 9, sadly I didn't get to see them, there had been two female on the lagoon that morning .
I did get to watch a large flock of Linnets (we think) flying round the field, 

Oystercatcher, Tufted duck, Kestrel, Cormorant, Pochard and Reed Bunting were ticked of my year list.

While I was there I met and had a good chat with a man called Tony, living not far from me. He goes to the local Camera club. Talked me into going so I will let you know what it was like. Turns out Tony is one of the top photographers and birder in this area ! 

33 species recorded

Friday, 3 February 2017

A arty interlude

Snowdrops are now out at the park "" YAY"" Spring is on it's way.

This week has been all about ART, it was supposed to be a week out with my camera, but weather has not been to good, with just odd moments of sunshine popping through.

It all started when I had a go at letter writing, which then moved onto Doodling and by the end of the week I was using Water paints and Acrylics !

I have spent some time on Pinterest and Instagram looking at different kinds of Art, here are just a few that have inspired me to have a go....

Joanne Fink
Zenspirations® Letters & Patterning

Create, Colour, Pattern, Play! was designed for colouring enthusiasts to use Joanne’s designs as a springboard for their own creativity. To Joanne’s delight, Create, Colour, Pattern, Play! has turned into a worldwide community of people sharing their ideas and artwork, and forming friendships as they embark on their creative journeys. - See more at:

Zenspirations Dangle Designs Expanded Workbook Edition / Joanne Fink /

Many people have had A GO at this , there are some great examples on Pinterest to look at.
 some times it is called


to make a painting look simple and spontaneous is difficult. The more I paint, the less I need on the canvas. Colours excite me and inspiration comes from the things I love - everyday objects, souvenirs from travels, patterns and walking the romantic, wild countryside around our home.

One of Elaine Pamphilon's cards bought at Salts Mill in Saltaire 

My BH Gull

My Blue tit


Emily Quinton

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Displaying my things...
 to post on Instagram.  


And last , the best...
I have fallen in love with this lady's art work.
Sam Cannon Art

About Sam Cannon
I’m an artist and illustrator living in Dorset, England. I work in watercolours, gouache, colour pencils and graphite pencil on board, paper, slates and stone.

Hope you get chance to have a look and perhaps have a go...
I would love to see .....