Monday, 30 January 2017

Waxwings, Garden Bird watch and Eccup

On one of those rare days the sun shone , while on my way home with the dog. We came across a small group of Waxwings over the road from my house. High up in the trees picking the last of the berries of a tree. Mistle thrushes had taken most of them over Christmas.

they all turned pink in the evening sun.
Sadly they moved on before they spotted the berries at the back of my garden :(


What dismal weather we had again this weekend, cold and dull not the weather for taking photos.

11 Species were recorded same as last year with a few different birds, missing were the Coal tit and a Great tit, but gained BH Gull and a Wren.

Wanted to record the event so I did a spot of finger painting...


This time last year I did a walk at Eccup, looking back it was a much colder day.
Today the weather was dull and misty, yet again not good for photos but it was more about recording what I could see.

31 Species as well as hearing a Wood pecker and a young Gull flew over, one of the larger ones not a BHG.

A pair of Teal was nice to see, not recorded them here before. Good numbers of Wigeon too.
 Bullfinch another rare visitor. Best part of the morning was watching the Red kites, they were displaying , as well as landing. 
Just as I was about to get in the car a small flock of Fieldfare landed in a near by tree, and a large flock of Redwing could be seen the the hedge.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Through the fog....


This morning the air was thick with freezing fog, but low in the sky I could see the sun was rising.

On entering the park I could see through the shafts of light, sparkling frozen dew drops floating in the air. It was like fairy dust covering everything were it landed.

The few people that had dared to venture out, ghostly figures in the fog. The air was filled with bird song. Greenfinch, Goldfinch,
 I got to see my first Jay of the year.

I had gone to catch the large flock of Redwings that I had seen yesterday, but only the odd bird was noted to day.

For a brief moment the sun did break through to see the frost on the Catkins. 

It was quite hard not to take so many photos as it was quite magical 

Friday, 20 January 2017

My own Craft and nature room...

Over Christmas my oldest son moved to his new home, son number 2 was quick to move out of the boxroom into the bigger room. What was a girl to do ... change it into my very own room.

As much as I love all this nature I also like been creative, I've tried most things and enjoy buying craft supplies as much as creating !

Every corner of the house had a little bit of something stashed away, so it's taken some time to sort through it all, I've just about finished now and was hoping for a brighter day to tell and show , but it's been so dull of late. I wanted to show you before things got messy !


 One side is for nature and one side is for crafts


Crafty side

The weather has been a bit dull of late, not very inspiring for me to get out with the camera.

At the beginning of the moth I was lucky enough to catch the Kingfisher at a local pond.

and the bad weather we were promised kinda missed us in the North West, but one morning the moon was stunning before it diapered beneath the clouds.

Tomorrow I'm of on a Winter bird work shop at Denso Nature Reserve 10 till 2.

Hopefully the weather is bright....