Friday, 30 December 2016

Waxwings and Redwings best birds for year end

YAY for Twitter....

On Tuesday there had been a report that a few Waxwings had been spotted at Guiseley Morrisons, West Yorkshire. So Thursday I popped  down, spotted the birds straight away and was pleased to see Redwing feeding as well. Normally a very skittish bird. 
Both birds were feeding on the  Berries not bothered to much by the traffic or people , not one person looked up to see the birds even with me stood there with a camera !!
There was about 30 of each, but reports today show the numbers increasing to about 70. All the local birders are so happy....



There is still a chance I might get them in my garden like in 2013


Monday, 12 December 2016

Playing with the light and Lichens on a Oak tree.

I had not expected to do another post before Christmas, but this morning I got the chance to go out with my camera.

A colder morning than we've  have had in the past week, arrived at High Royds just in time to see the mist rising from the ground as the sun broke through. The light was stunning through the mist, and the contrast of the bright red Rose-hips was lovely.

I had gone looking for birds, but it was a little quiet this morning, mainly Blackbirds picking out the last of the berries . Over the past few weeks Redwings have been feeding their way through the trees.

Next to the wood there is a field that has some very old Oak trees in , and on closer inspection I notice all the different kinds of Lichen growing on the branches, beautiful creations but yet another complicated subject in nature to master.


Great tit


I have put the Lichens on iSpot, 
will come back and hopefully name them at some point.

Oak Moss (Evernia prunastri)

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Twelve Photos

The jump back in to blogging world has been a bit of a flop !!!!
I've been enjoying nature , just haven't got round to blogging about it....

One of the "jobs" I have been doing is up-dating all my records, this year I was a bit lazy about naming and recording my findings. So far I have managed 6 months of photos which gave me this idea to  chose 12 photos, one for every month that have been something you wish to remember from 2016.

I have had a lovely year , one of the highlights will be all the friends I have made at Denso nature reserve, becoming more involved  throughout the year, with more exciting thing happening next year.
Helping to run the Wild flower courses to becoming the Slug and  Snail lady !

January 2016
Was filled with many foggy frosty days with just a little snow.

February 2016 
Was a quiet month for photos, but plenty of this Heron who stayed on the pond at the Park for a week.

March 2016
March is my favourite month.
The first Hawthorn leaves.

April 2016
From snow to sunshine the insects were out this month.

May 2016
My first Puss Moth.

June 2016
A weeks holiday in Northumberland

July 2016
July was filled with wild flowers, Butterflies and Moths.

August 2016

Many visits from Hedgehogs.

September 2016
A week at Center Parcs with the family.

October 2016
Looking for Fungi got me back outside with my camera.

November 2016
Looking  under the  boards at  Denso Nature Reserve.

Have a go at trying to find just twelve photos for your year.

I have plenty new and exciting events coming up over the winter month into next year, so I would like to wish you all well, and HAPPY HUNTING..........

December 2016