Thursday, 3 November 2016

Out looking for birds !

The past few days I have been out many times enjoying the Autumn weather, some days it's been warm enough to leave the coat at home.

I've been back to Eccup, Esholt, High Royds and enjoyed watching the leaves turning into beautiful colours at the park. But with the time moving into November you can now feel the damp and cold setting in, the heating's gone on and the dark is swallowing the day.  

Highlight's were finding over 1000 Golden plovers and Tree Sparrows at Eccup. A Orange Peel Fungus - Aleuria aurantia at
Esholt as well as spotting Treecreeper and a Nuthatch. 

In the garden the last of the Cosmos flowers were picked and OH carved pumpkins for Halloween, 3 large bags of sweets, 3 pkt of chocolate biscuits, large bag of Apples and 3 Tangerines were dished out !
Garden ornaments away for winter, bedding plants removed and the on going battle with fallen leaves left the brown bin full again.

Best sighting so far was today in November, I had gone to photograph the Snipes at a little pond at High Royds. It was not till I got home and looked at the photos I notice I had photographed a Water Rail. My first ever Water Rail, technically I didn't "see" it  even though I have a photo !!!! Photos will do as record shots.

Tree sparrow

Golden plovers


Orange Peel Fungus - Aleuria aurantiaEsholt



High Royds

Water rail