Saturday, 16 January 2016

First bird walk of 2016.. Eccup

How nice to see Fieldfare as my first bird of the day, just a small group feeding on the edge of a field next to a small coppiced wood for cover. The field had Turnips in for the sheep to feed on, they were rooting through the chewed up ground left by the sheep. 
Later on I would see other small groups flying round the area.

On leaving this morning the temperature was -2, the land was covered in a light frost untouched by the sun.
Blackbird,Starling, Great tit and Blue tit were spotted, above the screech of the Red Kite could be heard , some coming quite close. I never get tired of watching these wonderful birds.

At the farm, smaller birds can be found in the  Hawthorn hedge .

Sparrow , Yellowhammer, 

Mistle Thrush, Wren, Carrion crow, Magpie and  Jackdaw

The land is still very wet, today most of the pools were frozen, looking very bleak and bare.

A Pheasant was spotted far away in a field.

I have been to Eccup many times over the years and  have got to know were I might see certain  birds at different times of the year. 
Red Kite can be seen all over the area, even at home we have three that fly round and can be seen most days.

My camera has a great zoom, but the quality is lost, these birds were far way..
 As the trees are bare I was just checking out any dark blobs in trees, so pleased to find two.

The wind of the reservoir was cold, 

Tufted duck and Mallards were the only birds on the water.

On the long road back to the car a Robin was spotted, then I was back at the farm.
The sun had brought more birds out.

Chaffinch, Wood pigeon, and one very lonely
Black headed Gull 

Had thought this was a young Wood Pigeon, but thanks to David I now know it is a 
Stock Dove.
Turns out I have not recorded this bird before, so thanks again David . A new bird for 2016.

The Greylag geese and some White geese  were feeding in the fields too.
It's such a wide open space with big farmed fields, it's hard to get close to some of the birds.

Back at the field were I started.

Fieldfare were still feeding as was the Chaffinch, and  Pied Wagtail.
Great Spotted Woodpecker, was spotted through the trees, it's bright red feathers gave it away.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Bird mix up ,

During the wet weather I have been going through my photos from the past six years !
There are some good and some really bad !
I'm trying to up date what I have recorded , putting them onto lists (I like a good list) for example , 
Garden, Park, as well as A bird list , flower list and so on......

This is were I came across a mix up... on my bird list I seem to have the same photos for Redpoll  as I do for Linnet. Can any one help!

Photographed in the garden
Bird 1

Photographed at Leeds/Bradford Airport.
Bird 2

Photographed at Rodley Nature reserve 
Bird 3

Photographed at Chevin
Bird 4 

This is the second Linnet i have ever seen,nice to see a female to day as well.

Photographed at Ecuup 
Bird 5

...and thanks.