Friday, 23 October 2015

60 days......

Hello everyone and I hope you are well.....

60 Days that's how long it's been since I went out with my camera

 took me a bit to work out to use it again, and the computer too!

New job is going well, and to day will be my first two days of together since I started. 
It's been hard to find time to enjoy Autumn this year and as the job is in retail so the next few moths are going to be even buzzer !!  

 I have made the most of it and took my self of to the park , it was nice to kick the leaves and just take time to look at the changing colours, I love the smell too.

The kitchen is all finished 

and I did not get the chance to show you this wonderful moth I caught way back in August.

A very large  Red Underwing - Catocala nupta.

I hope you have enjoyed my little visit, just hope it's not another 60 days before I'm back (:

as it will just about Christmas day !!!!