Day two with new camera..

Day two saw me taking the plunge to walk round the frozen Tarn at Yeadon, even through summer it's a cold place to be. 
Most of the water was frozen with pools of water amongst the ice.

The birds get fed well here on bread as is a popular place for parents to take their children.

There is a good number of Mute Swans and will come out of the water to take bread.

The Gulls were huddled together round the edge of the ice.

The Mallards were sunning them self's by the island.

The ice was moving and groaned as it lifted up and down.

The Pussy Willow looked stunning against the blue sky.

This Song Thrush was hiding amongst the trees, at first I thought it was a Mistle Thrush but it did not fly of shouting angry words like they do. Not 100% sure though. This is bird 24 and I need to add Great tit (23) from yesterday.

I was having trouble holding the camera still when shooting high up in to the trees, did manage to get a photo of a Gold finch  (15) . The camera is a little slow at focusing and the birds moved of before I managed to get a shot, took a lot of photos of half a bird , should come with practice.

The Gulls on the ice were standing still so tried a few things on the camera but when I got home I could not remember what I had done, there is a voice recording button you can press to record next to the photo which is quite cool but not tried it yet.

Yet again the cold took over and hands became numb, we will have to come back another day.

I will leave you with my Daffodils and Tulips in the sun..




  1. It's fun to play with a new camera, isn't it? Nice photos and great subjects! I especially enjoyed the photos of the gulls.

  2. What a beautiful post, Amanda! Thanks for sharing.

  3. You look to have been having a lovely time - especially like the Gull images. I tried keeping a log of what I had done with various shots, so when viewing I could see what worked and repeat successes etc. It didn't last long regretfully, so the voice thing sounds brilliant.

  4. I've enjoyed this post, hearing how you're getting on with the new camera. I can imagine the cold made it difficult to stay out for long, but the photos you took are lovely and clear. Love the blue of the water, all the birds especially the song thrush and the gulls.

  5. Looks like a song thrush to me- not sure the wings are long enough for a mistle. My camera is the same with taking ages to focus- I find it a huge pain when doing bird photography. Your pics are coming on nicely xx

  6. You're taking some great photos with your new camera Amanda. Love the thrush (I think its Song too :) ) photo. I've not used the bridge camera I bought with my son very much yet but on the odd occasion I've used it, it also seems slow to focus. To be honest am still trying to get the hang of basic controls and I think I am making the mistake of trying to use the same settings as I use for dslr. I think I need to try new techniques!! Weather still so dull here though that photography difficult.

  7. Another good test Amanda, I think you will do well with this camera.
    The Thrush was a good test and it has turned out very well. The scenes are really nice and taking white birds in the sunshine is never easy but the detail on the swans show that it copes with that very well.
    Your going be putting the rest of us to shame now.

  8. Looks as though you and your new camera are very good friends! xx

  9. Gosh, your photos are so CLEAR! Absolutely crystal clear, just wonderful, especially the birds. I bet it was freezing up there! Enjoy playing with your new camera. xx

  10. The photos all look excellent to me, really nice and sharp and great colours. Great that there is so much bird life about, and I love your sunny daffs! xx

  11. A big thank you to you all for the kind comments, the light has been good the last few days so helps a lot when taking photos. Still need lots of should see how many I did get to get these few good shots, thank goodness for digital cameras... I can take hundreds of photos at no cost..
    Amanda xx

  12. Lovely photos indeed - what a wonderful blog.
    BUT - please avoid feeding the birds with bread. And maybe encourage others to avoid feeding the birds with bread. Sorry to sound pedantic! It's important though. Best wishes.

  13. Thanks Keith, I know there are little benefits to bread for the birds, I will put a odd crust out at home all chopped up, the Starlings will finish it all of in a few minuets. At the Tarn bread is fed to the ducks daily by the children, and in summer I have seen bread floating as they have had enough, the fish will come to the surface to eat the bread. I know all that bread can not be good for them, but on the other hand it is connecting the next generation with nature.
    Amanda xx


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