Friday, 30 January 2015

Photos Scavenger Hunt

Another moth has passed and I am once again joining in the photo scavenger hunt.. 

Thanks to Greenthumb of Made with Love for organising the hunt.
List of words can be found here

I missed out on December due to having the Flu, all better now and hope you are all well

Something new





Up high

In the fridge





What ever you want

Happy Hunting

Amanda xxx

Sunday, 25 January 2015

The big garden bird watch..

This weekend has been the RSPB

Saturday was bright and sunny, but we were out for the day so I was doing my, one hour watching to day.
The morning light was very dull, the sort of light that sucks the life out of any photo..
 the feeders were filled and all photos were taken through the kitchen window!

Luckily I had most of my birds in that normally visit the garden, one year I only recorded one Blue tit in the time I had picked !!!!

From the photo of this Wren (can you see it) you can see the conditions were bad and in normal   circumstances none of these photos would have graced these pages...

The last bird to spot was a Coal tit , to fast to get a photo...
so here's one I made earlier.

So in total I had 11 species of birds in the garden.


Happy Hunting
Amanda xxx

Adding the birds from the garden brings my total birds photographed to

Friday, 23 January 2015

Redwing hunting and colour found on a dull day..

With the aid of new wellies the park seemed less of a challenge to get round, the paths are ankle deep mud and waterlogged land can be quite deep in places, none of this strolling round in your shoes like at a normal park. Most of the time it is left to nature and the council have left wild areas, which is great for me.
Me and the dog set of in the cold, it was frozen hard, very cold right through to the bone, this was Wednesday the day before the snow,
the birds were staying high up in the trees making photography  a challenge as they all come out black against the grey sky.

when by chance I had walked a different way round the park and came across a large flock of Redwing, of all days I had not got my binoculars with me so not sure if there was any Fieldfare
 amongst them.
Hard to get a good photo of these birds as they are very skittish.

The redwing is most commonly encountered as a winter bird and is the UK's smallest true thrush. Its creamy strip above the eye and orange-red flank patches make it distinctive. They roam across the UK's countryside, feeding in fields and hedgerows, rarely visiting gardens, except in the coldest weather when snow covers the fields. Only a few pairs nest in the UK. (link)

Managed to count over 50 birds this is the largest flock I have seen at the park, 

They took of to the trees and then moved on to the football field in the next park. 

Here I found them feeding with Starlings, Green finch and Goldfinch.

They are at the other end of the football field, this is about the closes I could get without them all taking off.

By now I had lost all the feeling in my toes, even with two pairs of socks..Wellies are great but pants when it's cold....

We had snow all day on Wednesday, but went back to the park today without the dog, there was not as many Redwings, but came across a flock of 30+ Greenfinch another record for me. Sadly they too are skittish birds and the grey sky's resulted in no photo.

I did find some colour on this grey day.....

Lichen on a branch.

The Alder tree Catkins 

their wet cones shined..

On the pond we have two Tufted ducks on a visit and a beautiful white duck..
so want to take it home and have it as a pet... right out of  Beatrix Potter,
Jemima Puddle-Duck

the light was making pattern's on the pond water

Found my first Snowdrops 

Fungi and moss added to the colour on what was a dull day, but you had to look hard.
the white of the snow was now turning to mud.

Happy Hunting
Amanda xxx

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Foot prints in the snow..

We had a little snow...
Well at  7.30 this morning it was a blizzard and the road looked like a ice ring, now the sun is melting it away but it's still bright and fresh.

the garden was covered in foot prints from the birds using the feeders..


My bird count has not been going to well due to the weather, it's not that I have not seen the birds but I was hoping to get a photo of each one rather than give you a long list.
I was going to save the garden bird till the end of the month when the Big garden bird watch was on, but my Robin looked so cute in the snow this morning I just had to take his photo..

The Blackbird is number 9 on my list but I have had this female in the garden feeding all morning.

so it was of to the  park to see what other snowy photos I could take.

Catkins on the Alder tree

I got a bit lost in looking at all the shoe and boot patterns people had left behind..
and how the colour of the snow changed with the light..

On Saturday when it was quite mild I came across a Hedgehog rooting about in the leaf litter at the wood, so I hope it went back to bed with the cold weather here. It should not of been out at all at this time and not in the did look very healthy though.
Not a great shot as it was bad light in the wood. The Squirrel  is my second mammal of the year, I think they are more of them at the park now than ever before.


I will leave you with another shot of my Robin...