Thursday, 30 October 2014

Photos Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to Greenthumb of Made with Love for organising the hunt.

O is for ?

the Amanita Muscaria mushroom and Japanese lantern plants (Physalis alkekengi), I have got to find this plant for my garden next year..


It's now dark at 6pm and the lamps are on....


There's nothing like a good scratch and clean before breakfast ......

Something you bought

I came across this book when reading through Tims blog "Notes of nature" (see his review)
 by  Francesca Greenoak, its the most wonderful book about nature found in Churchyards across Britain, with beautiful illustration on every page.  


Because the light is so low, it casts shadows...

Close up

If I had the space I would have a pet sheep called Doris , and a photo of a snail on a seed head.


Trees are my favourite thing at the moment, in the wood near our house, some of the trees have faces.


Has to be cheese on toast...


Jigsaws were a big part of our childhood, even mum and dad loved doing them, once they did a million piece jigsaw that filled the front room floor, no fancy computers then. As I have been of with my hand I have had time to do this jigsaw my sister bought me last Christmas. 

Your Sky

From fluffy clouds to the red of sunsets....


Your shoes

I am not a shoe person, I have one pair I use till they fall of my feet........

Happy Hunting

Amanda XXX

Monday, 20 October 2014

A place we can all meet.

It gave rain...
So set of early for a walk on a windy Sunday morning...I had nothing planed and was quite happy to observe things as I walked through the quiet streets.
It's Mushroom time again, and the damp warm weather has them popping up all over.

Mushrooms are another subject that are really hard to identify, have put this one one iSpot, but have not got anything back yet. Just from the photos you can see how different light changes the colour of the mushroom, and if you follow a mushrooms growing you will find how different it can look as it develops, these are just a few factors that make them hard to ID.

This is one of the yellow Hypholomas. Hypholoma fasciculare or possibly H. capnoides. They are very hard to ID, and must never be eaten even though some of Hypholomas can be..

The streets of Yeadon were quiet, but when I reached Yeadon Tarn it was full of life, despite the howling wind and the dark clouds.
From dog walkers , family's feeding  the ducks and joggers

The boat house was open and the old chaps had met up to sale their boats, taking and drinking coffee as they watched the boats sail.

The birds at the Tar are well fed, during the summer month  you can see whole slices of bread floating round,as they are over fed due to the number of visitors. There is large fish in the tarn, with many fishing competitions throughout the year. You often see them swimming on the top making use of all the bread.

we get good numbers of Swans, Canada geese, Tufted ducks, and Great crested grebe, which managed to bread here for the first time this year. I have recorded over 16 species of birds here in one day so far.

As I walked round every one said "Good morning", the dog owner new the names of each other's dogs. Noted a few dads with babies in prams, giving mum a rest.

Ducks feeding together..and Moorhens rock hopping.

Trees looking bleak in the dark light.

Gulls bracing the wind..Tufted duck having a rest.

I had a lovely time observing the people as much as the wild life, the car park was full the weather was crap but how nice it was to see everyone smiling, talking and enjoying their Sunday morning.

Happy Hunting

Amanda XXX

Friday, 17 October 2014

Invasion of the Harlequin Ladybird and.......

.....birds,bugs and caterpillar.

The sun was shining for the first time in over a week, my wrist and elbow are on the mend and I needed to get out and take some photos. Have enough strength in hand to press buttons on camera but still not able to bend arm enough  to take a photo using view on camera, but were there's a will there's a way.

Next to the park there used to be a nursing home, few years back they took it down and grasses it over, the plot is covered in Clover at the moment. At the front were the entrance would have been is five Maple trees all a different. The yellow leaves of one tree looked stunning in the sunlight.

This is were I first notice the Harlequins on the tree trunk. At first I counted over ten, then I noticed they were in the grass all around the tree, they were landing in my hair and on my cloths, across the land you could see them flying everywhere.

At first I thought there might have been a large colony  in the tree and due to the warm weather they were all hatching a once.

This one has a damaged shell, this could have happened when it first emerged, as they are soft. They need time to dry out.

There are over 100 colour pattern varieties of the Harlequin Ladybird

Round the corner from the Old Nursing Home is the path that leads you onto both parks I visit, during the summer this was a hot spot for insects especially Harlequins and Ladybirds, here too was covered in Harlequins. All in different  stages of development, Larvae to Pupae.

 Harlequin Larvae (14/9/14)

Walking through the park they were every were. The sun was on the wall that surround Kirk Park so thought this was another good place to look... Yep you guest it this too was covered, there were more in Pupae stage here.
This stage lasts between 7-10 days, still allot to hatch. Due to the rain we have had over the last week I did wonder if they are able to delay hatching till the conditions are right, having said that when they are in the Pupae stage they are at their most vulnerable.

Then here on the wall I was very lucky to spot a newly "hatched" bug, I never new they were yellow till I saw a photo of Ladybird on Mandy's Blog.

If look closely you can see this one could be a black one with two red spots. More information can be found here at Harlequin Ladybird Survey

While out I was lucky to spot a few things

I think this is a Birch Shieldbug  (Elasmostethus interstinctus)
Lichen on a Larch tree

I have been after getting a photo of this Goldcrest at the park for month, this is the best photo so far.

This was also the best photo of a Buff Ermine Moth caterpillar I managed to get, they cant't half move.

Squirrel with a red face
Comma Butterfly
Happy Hunting

Amanda XXX