Sunday, 31 August 2014

Photos Scavenger Hunt


Another moth has passed and I am once again joining in the photo scavenger hunt.. 

Thanks to Greenthumb of Made with Love for organising the hunt.
List of words can be found here

This months  "words " have been a little harder to find and link them to nature, which I have been trying to do.
I'm hoping the photos will do the talking so I have not left a reason or description, I am interested if you get them all...!
Let me know if you don't..

Happy Hunting

Amanda XXX

Friday, 29 August 2014

August....from Bugs to Plant Galls

I am still visiting my patch of land were I found all the wild flowers, I have managed to record a few more. 
A few weeks back I spotted a Blue Butterfly, but did not stay still enough to get a photo or a I.D.
Then the other day I saw this beautiful

Small Copper

It is a tiny Butterfly, a first for me and the park.

Common Darter (Sympetrum striolatum)

On the way to the flowers is a row of Bramble, it gets the sun all day and I often find  Common Darters and other Dragonflies sunning them self 's.

Amongst the flowers I found Forest Bug (Pentatoma rufipes) they are quite common at the Park.

In the Oak trees were these Galls, its the first time I have seen these..

"The Knopper gall, induced by the asexual generation of the gall wasp

Andricus quercuscalicis.

Green and sticky at first, the gall often take on a reddish tinge as they mature,and then become brown and woody. They fall to the ground when the Acorn drops of, and the insect emerges the following Spring, some can stay there for four years.
(Reference , Britain's Plant Galls by Michael Chinery)

Another Gall is the Alder tongue gall 

Taphrina alni is a fungal plant pathogen that causes Alder tongue gall, a chemically induced distortion of female alder catkins 

Still finding Ladybirds this is a seven spot..

 The seeds are developing on the Lime tree..

and Apples are growing on my Tree following, tree.

Happy Hunting

Amanda XXX

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Amongst the Bracken looking for pink.....

Friday we had a break in the weather, needing some fresh air and space I headed to the hills.

I can see Baildon Moor from my house, at the bottom of the garden you can just see it through the gap in the houses. 
I imagine the sea is just on the other side...
To the right of us I use the hill as a weather gage, if I can see them the washing goes out, if I can't see them , then I know it's going to rain...     

I hadn't gone to look for anything particular but just to enjoy the colour of the Heather was enough..

and the open sky..

Baildon golf course weaves it 's way through the moor..

The moor is matted with Bracken so I was surprised to find some (new to me) wild flowers.

This is a large plant with lovely pink flowers..
Then I looked round this one open spot to see what else there was that was pink....

Many rushes in the boggy areas, I hope to learn more about these  next year..
 This is were I spotted another new plant growing .

And many Grasses to learn about..

In the distance you can see the hills are covered in Heather which is flowering at the moment, here along the edge of the golf course were patches of bright pink Heather....

I could sit amongst the Heather all day..

There are many paths and places to walk, on the way back to the car I followed the stream which was full of  Round-leaved Mint or Apple Mint  (same plant)

 There is a stream under this lot somewhere...

It's nice spending time amongst the Bracken looking for pink...

Happy Hunting
Amanda xxx

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Stuck-foot post: August

This is another one of Loose and Leafy ideas.
You have to stand in one place with your feet firmly in one place and see what you find..

I like to have a challenge, so I went with the first idea that came to me.
I would go stand in a field...

To the front of me..
 Ash and Oak trees.
 I had hoped I would be able to spot the Little Owl while I was here,( sadly not). For me to stay in one spot for any length of time is a challenge in it's self. And I will confess now I chose to sit rather than stand.
Still thinking I should have chosen a more exciting place for this post, I closed my eyes and listened  to the sounds of the countryside..

Then a plane came in over head...!
(well we do live next to the airport)
I could hear the wind rustling through the trees, a Woodpigeon  and a Crow calling.

To the right of me 
was the field wall....

Here we have Holly trees, Dock, Ragwort and Foxgloves now turning to seed.

But if you look there is last years seeds growing ready to flower next year

Ragwort is very toxic to animals but also  important for the Cinnabar moth and it's caterpillars, I found a interesting article about Ragwort..

There was this sad looking tree, I think we can say it has could be a Ash tree as there are other Ash trees dotted about along the edges of the field.

To the left of me...

At the far side of the field is a large Ash tree, more Ragwort and Spear Thistles.

In the wind the Thistle seeds were blowing everywhere and latching on to anything that got in their way. 

Where I stood (sat)...

The grass and clover are kept short by the Horses..
Some of the stones have come of the wall, I could just reach one to have a look under, 
wish I hadn't......

Lots and lots of Ants, its not the fact I could have Ants in my pants !!! from sitting next to them, but I do feel a little sad I have disturbed them, they will spend allot of energy now protecting their eggs.

Behind me

There was evidence of colder times, this did not end well...! 
had a vision they were still there, over the other side of the wall.
(I did not look )
A few things caught my eye but they were at the top of the hill and to far to get a photo, so on the way back I got a closer photo..

Horse hair caught on the barbed wire.


A very old gate post.

 It might not have been the most exciting place for this project but that was not the point.
For me it was all about taking the time to stand still and observe your surroundings. 

Happy Hunting 
Amanda xxxx