Friday, 11 July 2014

Snippets of Moths , Butterflies and teeny weeny frogs...

I feel a bit like this snail, a little slow at getting things done..

You will be pleased to know I have finely  loged all my photos for May...
Then I realised it's the 11th of July already, how did that happen !
Were did June go?

Last Sunday I managed to get the moth trap out for the night..
I caught Two !
But well worth it.....

Large Yellow Underwing (7/7/14)
 This is the smaller one of the two I caught.

The second Underwing was large and very active, so I had to pop him in the fridge for a while.

Large Yellow Underwing (7/7/14)

 As you can see he /she is the full length of the paint brush

It's the closest I've come to a live large moth, still found it a little unsettling, 
that same week I read  
and how she had caught 210, that would have freaked me out !!!! 

Butterflies at the Park

Comma (7/7/14)
This was my first recording this year of a Comma, beautiful colour. Managed to see another one while walking round so just starting to emerge.

Small White
Meadow Brown
At the park, near the  Large house there is a patch of land which I call the old car park,
have found many wild flowers here. One of them is Ragwort, 
after finding the Cinnabar moth the other week I have been looking out for the caterpillar, which is easy to spot due to their colour.

Managed to spot one, this is the first time I have recorded them at the park.


While out on a bike ride my hubby came across hundreds of little frogs, a few days later I managed to get to the place were he had seen them.
Its down a little lane that cuts through some fields and over the railway line.

On one side there is a large house with a pond and on the other side is farm land that's gets very 
boggy, which way they were going I don't know ?

 still after two days they were every were, 
I had the dog with me and as he walked down the path they were parting like the red sea .

They were so tiny and hard to photograph, the dappled light, the dog and the fact they jumped every where. It is a well used path so allot  will not survive :(

......Happy Hunting.....

Amanda xxx


  1. Have you checked out lesser yellow underwing for the first moth? I'm wondering....

    Thank you for the mention :-)

    The comma is gorgeous- such stunning flutters, and I LOVE all the froglets! x

    1. Thanks CT, will have to look at my photos again, the only diffrence on first observation was they were a different colour, male/ female ? And size... .
      The little frogs were so cute, sadly many would perish as people using the path were unaware they were even there ! :(
      Amanda xx

  2. Those froglets are so tiny. It's not surprising that they go unnoticed.
    Jacqui x

    1. Thanks Jacqui, if I had a pond some might have come home with me...even I might not of seen them if I hadn't been looking for them. I would imagine this is happening all over were there has been frog spawn in ponds.

  3. Some great sightings there - the Comma is beautiful and I love the little froglets. Although it is such a shame that the path is so busy and many might not survive.

    I know the feeling about being behind with id and sorting photos. Despite all my New Year Resolutions yet again my wildlife records are dreadfully behind :(

    1. Thanks RR, you can understand why a frog lays so much frog spawn, surviving in the water then on land, odds not good. I didn't see it but I would imagine birds would be having a few.
      When I'm recording my photos I keep going of the subject, coming up with new ideas and projects I want to do. The time just goes , this is one of the main reasons I'm so behind...still love it though..
      Amanda xx

  4. Hoorah, I am pleased you found your cinnabar caterpillar! :-)
    Surprised that large moths give you the creeps, yet you happily get up close to slugs which makes me squirm when I see your pictures, lol!
    Love the little frogs and that must have been a great experience. Also I'm getting jealous of everyone's Ringlets. There must be some somewhere in Brittany...... :-(

    1. Hi Mandy, hope you are well, I was pleased to see the cinnabar catt, means they are breeding , had not recorded them before at the park.
      So many slugs at the moment and huge, even I'm saying 'yuck'. Little frogs so cute another great find, Ringlets all over..Sorry :)
      Amanda xx

  5. Interesting that you've only just seen a Comma - I had a quick look back at my blog and had recorded one in May. We also always have lots of cinnabar caterpillars around here. Envious of your ringlet though as I've never seen one. I'd love to learn more about moths but am equally as fascinated and creeped out by them! x

    1. Thanks Julie, I had a Comma in the garden that day too, the Ringlet Butterfly is beautiful so hope you get to see one soon. Because I'm only catching a few in my home made trap, it gives me time to learn about them, starting to recognise some of them. I would freak out if I got the same amount as CT, small steps..
      Amanda xx