Thursday, 31 July 2014

Gone to seed, visitors and great parents..

Last night we became parents to two Musk Turtles for ten days while there family went on holiday..

They are so cute, and only need feeding every few days, a easy pet to look after.. !
the whole kit and caboodle came with them..

I love seed heads....
the structure and colour.

Some of them I discovered when I got home had insects and eggs on them which I did not see at the time I was taking the photo..   

First of all these beautiful seeds of the Curled Dock

These Cow parsley seed had eggs on them.

Dandelion seeds

Creeping Thistle

Here on the not so nice Hog weed, there is a Spiders web, Aphids and then you spot the..

Frog Hopper.

The seeds of the little Yellow flower Herb-bennet  , they will latch on to anything that walks past..

 animal or human

Seed of the Clever plant

The two stages of the Ribwort Plantain

Prickly Sow-thistle

Greater Plantain

Yellow Rattle flower

Then on the way home I spotted these.

There was two lots on different leaves, the " Parent bug" which so happens to be what they are called..
They look amazing.

The parent bug (Elasmucha grisea)

They were attending to them on the leaf..

 Happy Hunting
Amanda xx


  1. Super post. I love the little turtles and all the seed heads are beautiful in close up detail, and as for those parent bugs..... xx

    1. Thanks JJ, the turtles are fun to watch , would not have seen the bugs if the wind was not blowing, the wind blew the leaf up as I walked past.
      Amanda xx

  2. The turtles are exceedingly cute :) Great seedhead photos - so attractive and so many different forms, shapes and colours. In their own way they can be as attractive as the flowers. Love the last photo of the Parent Bug tending young :)

    1. Thank you, at first I thought the Green bug was the parent as there was two, my son spotted the adults on the photo when I showed him, amazing colour...hope to do some more seed heads.
      Amanda xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thank Roy, think I love macro photograph the best, I only have a bridged camera , so they are not to bad..
      Amanda x

  4. You have a good eye - there is a lot of beauty in decay and lots of bug life obviously! I wonder what those eggs are? As for the Parent Bugs, I'm jealous as I've never found any. I wonder if that pale one is the one who just moulted and became an adult?

  5. Thanks Mandy, The Parent bug young look amazing don't they. I think you might be right about the green bug been a new adult..Didn't see the eggs till I got home and looked at the photo, don't know if I will be able to find them again to take a better photo..
    Amanda xxx

  6. I'm constantly amazed by what I find in my pictures when I get them home. The little turtle looks fun. You'll be sad perhaps to hand them back at the end of the holiday. I can't get used to the astonishing parent bugs. Have never come across them. Keep rolling the page back to look at them again.