Monday, 2 June 2014

Wild flower meadow, Green lacewing and Black beauty

Sundays weather was looking good, I had spent the day at home doing the Garden Bioblitz all day Saturday, recorded about sixty things, some new. Will do a post when I have managed to name everything .
 So I was ready for a trip out. 

The Wildflower meadow on the Chevin near were I live.

Ragged Robin.  Sticky mouse ear.   Red Clover

Yellow Rattle. Meadow Buttercup. Bush Vetch.

Ribwort.     Common Sedge.    Sorrel.

Cuckoo flower.       Soft Rush.       Vetch

These are just a few of the flowers to be found in this Meadow, the flower I had gone to see was the

Northen Marsh orchid
(Dactylorhiza purpurella)

It is not quite fully in flower yet.. more photos here from last year

Green veined Butterfly 

Small white

Found my first Blue Lacewing, from a distance it looked like I had found a Blue Butterfly

Chrysopa perla

               While sat in the middle of the grass this very impressive Black beetle crawled up the grass,

Dor beetle (Geotrupes stercorarius)

 Cock'sfoot moth (Glyphipteryx simpliciella) on Hop Trefoil

The Broom looked stunning, there is yellow and this variegated one that has red in it.

From the Meadow I moved up onto the hillside, there is Heather,Broom,Gorse and mixed trees of Fir,Spruce and Larch.
This is usually a good place to see Burnet but none about to day.

There were many bees and day time moths flying about,very busy so hard to get a photo.

Female Latticed Heath

 Thought this was a Hover Fly or a Noon Fly but yet another Insect I can't find a name for..Help !
Update-Thanks to I-Spot i have now found out what this is called
Hover Fly (Leucozona lucorum ) 

Now this Sawfly I did know,
 had seen it's photo in my insect book. Glad I had, it is BIG and would not of been to happy about it landing next to me, still didn't like getting to close and it would not stay still.

(Sawfly) Tenthredo temula

There is a small pond (man made) every year the pond get better and better, 
Rushes and Yellow Iris grow here.

Large red Damselfly mating  

And swimming round the edge of the pond there was these "worms" swimming around, do we get 
aquatic worms.

Another amazing morning out in the field finding things I never knew existed.....


  1. A lovely post - great photos of the wildflowers, bees, sawflies and moths :) It looks a beautiful meadow to walk around with so much to see!

    I did the garden bioblitz too on Sunday - look forward to reading what you have seen. I'm still awaiting a few id confirmations from i-spot then I'll do a post too. It really was great fun and I am so glad I took part this year :)

    1. Thanks RR, that's today's job sorting me garden photos....!
      Amanda x

  2. I think your mystery 'white' may be a Green Veined? Also, wondered whether your Chickweed could be Sticky Mouse Ear? It's hard to tell from the pic so apols if it's not :- ) A great selection of photos and some wonderful insects. Love the little beetle. Will look forward to what you found for the Garden Bioblitz :-)

    1. Thanks CT, have up-dated blog with your information on the Butterfly, it dose look like a wood white but they are very rare..very similar to green veined. Have found name for Black BeetleI think it is a Dor Beetle.

  3. What an amazing range of flowers in that meadow, especially the Northern Orchid.

    The lacewing is so delicate. Beautiful.

    Was that mystery insect one of the false bees?

    1. Thank you, hope to find some more Orchids this year, still haven't found out what the mystery insect is, the position of the eyes are throwing me and the shape of the abdomen,
      Amanda x

  4. A lovely display of flowers Amanda.

    1. Thanks Roy, it is a lovely place for flowers...

  5. The wildflowers are great but the bugs are even better! Really like that sawfly and the hoverfly is so cool too! :-)