Monday, 16 June 2014

So many to name so little time...

Still fighting my way through photos from May...!!
but here are a few new Bugs, Butterflies,moths and trees from June

Red Admiral

My first recording of a Cinnabar Tyria jacobaeae at the park, they don't stay still..

Seeing lots of Sheild bugs

Family :Miridae with Nymph 

Cut-leaved Cranesbill

White Clover


Damsel fly 
At the Park on one of the grassed areas they cut, there is a group of Larch and Pine trees, this is were I first spotted the Woolly Larch Aphid.

On this tree the Cones have grown a funny shape, some have grown fat and flat

 and some have grown fuzzing them self s together

Still have not managed to find out why...
In the same area the other trees have been fruiting, I never noticed them last year, so finding them all a little different.

This chap is a new one for me, you could not miss the bright green colouring on his body, 
would not stay still so this is the best shot.

Sawfly  Rhogogaster viridis

This plant was growing up through another tree, I suspect it came from a garden at some point, lovely flower.

There was no missing this green spider..

Green Orb Spider

Snipe Fly  Rhagio tringarius
Fish in the pond

Ladybird Larvae

Harlequin Larvae

Happy Hunting


  1. I think your green and yellow fly might be a Sawfly Rhogogaster picta or viridis? You got some great shots- so much to see and work out ids for, it's keeping me busy too! xx

    1. Thanks CT, have gone with "viridis" for the sawfly, quite a feisty fly, watched it devourer another insect in seconds..great colour though.
      Amanda xx

  2. Yes some really great shots of some of your favourite subjects Amanda. My favourite image is the last one, the Ladybird, you caught it as it was about to open its wings.

  3. Beautiful photos - I love the clover one and the last one of the ladybird in particular :) Having problems here too trying to find time to id everything!

    1. Thanks RR, the ladybird looks all shiny and new, one of my faviouret too. Went out to day and it was overcast, so a little quiet, it made me think in just a few months time there will not be as much to see, so I've promised my self to enjoy it while it lasts, if I don't get all the names... There's always next year...:)
      Amanda xx

  4. Lovely photos! I don't know what any of your unknown bugs are but they look interesting. Cinnabars I've been seeing a lot lately and I had one on my finger yesterday (no camera with me) because I have ragwort here which hopefully they are laying their eggs on. Haven't had a lot of time for delving into the undergrowth looking for bugs other than the visible ones like butterflies. :-) (Oh and you can always post the photos from earlier during the winter months so don't stress about it.)

    1. Thanks Mandy, managed to name some bugs, will get round to the others soon, not seen a Cinnabars at park before so was really happy about that.Trying not to stress to much but I like been organised.. just up loaded another 110 photos !! that's winter covered:)
      Amanda xx