Sunday, 8 June 2014

Now that's what I call a Beetle

Northern Marsh Orchid
(Dacrylorhiza purpurella)

Things are not going to plan..!
I must be weeks behind with my photos they are just stacking up
we are talking hundreds!!!!

Computer time has been cut now son number two has finished school, 
and even I have to do house work sometimes between work..
Just wanted to say sorry if I haven't managed to comment on your blog
I know how long they take to write.

Well moan over.

I just had to show you this bug I saw to day.

Sexton Burring Beetle Nicrophorus
What a beast

I had gone to the Chevin for a quick look for Butterflies when this Beetle dropped in and crashed into the grass..

I stood back and watched him climb back up through the grass.

Burring beetles are the undertakers of the animal world-a group of large beetles that bury dead and decaying animals such as mice and small birds.

Mainly seen in Spring and Summer when they are attracted to light.
Wing casing are brightly marked with two wavy orange bands, and also the antennae have bright orange bobbles on the end.

I you look closely you can see Gamasid Mites. 
 These beetles are frequently infested, they cluster between the body segments, the beetle can not easily reach with its legs to dislodge them.

......Happy Hunting...

Amanda XXX


  1. Amazing shots of a very useful beetle! Poor thing to have mites that it cannot reach.....

    I know what you mean about backlogs of photos. It can sometimes feel quite overwhelming.

    1. Thank you, never seen one befor, they are a big beetle didn't like to get to close,so didn't see the mites on him till I looked at my photos...they are quite big, no wonder he crashed into the grass ! There is a YouTube video of someone holding a beetle and all the mites run of over their hand... Yuk.
      Amanda x

  2. Beautiful photo of the orchid and the Sexton Beetle. I've only seen the all black version which often turns up in the moth trap - they are huge!! Can sympathise with lack of time - housework gets in the way of things I really want to do!!

    1. Thanks, the Orchids have really come out over the last week since I last visited, think its been the best year for them.

  3. Interesting to see this colourful Sexton Beetle, like RR I only tend to see the black versions in the moth trap. To be honest I'm not a fan of them in the trap because they can smell awful but they do do a very important job clearing up carrion and what not.

    Great pic of the N. Marsh Orchid. I was photographing S. Marsh Orchids only yesterday :-)

    1. Thanks David, not seen a black one.. would have scared me to death if I found one amongst the egg boxes.. the wet warm weather has done the Marsh Orchid some good,

  4. We get lots of them here in the moth box. They are exactly like yours colour-wise, so I'm interested that David and Caroline only get the black ones. Ours are usually infested with lice too- poor things x

    1. Thanks CT,the lice are quite big too, must make it hard flying, had a read about them, don't think they cause them to much harm, using them more as a taxi to fresh meat !!!

  5. Beautiful Orchid Amanda and thats one ugly bug,{:))
    but you have taken some great images so it.
    Its a problem now as there are so many things to photograph.
    We moan through the winter because there is b…..all to see, now we are inundated.
    I get to the point where I have so many different subjects that I have shot, that I have to spread them out over many days.

    1. Thanks Roy, you will have to keep an eye out for one !
      I too have so many Ideas, saving some till next year. If I don't take my camera with me I always miss some thing great ! trouble is when I go out even taking the dog for a wall I can still manage to take between 80 and 100 photos !! :)

  6. Bit like you Amanda, not got much computer time cos so much going on which is why I am late commenting. But I wanted to say this beetle is really interesting and I hadn't even heard of burying beetles before so thank you for sharing! I read up a bit about them and still can hardly believe they can bury something like a dead bird or a mouse. Isn't nature amazing?! :-)

  7. Love the name Sexton Beetle..sort of describes what it does. Great photos again Amanda.