Friday, 27 June 2014

Garden moths and one missed opportunity !

and a Spider aaaaaaaaaa !!!

Now the weather has warmed up (well last week) I am getting more moths in the garden.

I have tried the sheet and light combo, 
back in May

 I managed to get one moth
Many-plumed moth (16/5/14)

then I had a go at making a home made light box.

First few goes I got nothing, 
then I got a few small moths that flew of as soon as I opened the lid !!

We then did the Garden Biobliz

Brimstone Moth (31/5/14)

Silver-ground Carpet (1/6/14)

Small Magpie (Eurrhypare hortulata) (15/6/14)

Then on Sunday 22 June, my son notice a moth in the ginnel  that runs between my house and next door, I took a few shot but it was a little dark. I didn't check the photos until the next day when I realised the  moth was just emerging and its wings were not fully out.

It turned out to be a Gothic (Naenia typica), that night I'd put the moth trap out all night so I went to check the ginnel and it was still there. It's wings fully out.

It was a bit dark and I didn't want to keep him over night as he would need to feed, took some photos and put him in the Ivy. Just wish I had checked my photos before, could have watched him filling his wings out..
Found a moth on the Ivy while doing this which could have been mistaken for the brown spots Ivy get.

Large Twin-spot Carpet (Xanthorhoe quadrifasiata) (23/6/14)
Then found this one on the door
Small Fan-foot (Herminia grisealis) (32/6/14)
The next day I managed to get a few new moths in the trap.

First out was this beautiful black moth, but when you looked close it was not black..

Marbled minor agg (Oligia strigilis agg)  (23/6/14)

Marbled minor agg (Oligia strigilis agg)  (23/6/14)

Heart and Dart (Agrotis exclamationis) (23/6/14)

Heart and Dart (Agrotis exclamationis) (23/6/14)
Bee moth (Aphomia sociella) (23/6/14)

Bee moth (Aphomia sociella) (23/6/14)

This just shows you how hard it is to ID moths, top photo taken out side of the Bee moth, and the very same moths photo taken inside.

This moth can often be found resting on the wall.

Common  pug (Eupithecia)

I just love the name of the last moth I found in the box, had to put him in the fridge for a bit to calm down.
Tawny-Barred Angel
"UPDATE" been back on iSpot and now they think this moth is a 

           Northen Spinach  (28/6/14)    
Northen Spinach (Eulithis populata)

Tawny-bared Angle (Macaria liturata) (23/6/14)

I may not get allot of moths in the trap, but I am happy with the one's I've had so far.

And one large spider found in sons bedroom

Happy Hunting

Monday, 23 June 2014

Gone Butterfly hunting, first Mayfly and some flowers..

Set of bright and early in the warm sunshine, 
I was on my way to Eccup
hunting Butterflies.

Great Mullein

First of all I came across this Great Mullein, it was  on the road side amongst the Foxgloves.
A new wild flower for me.


Eccup is mainly arable farm land with plenty of hedges, so the Yellowhammer dose well here.

Following the path through the fields is a perfect habitat for Speckled Wood,
 shade from the trees and wild flowers in the grass verge, there was good numbers here.

Speckled Wood 

Along the path through the over growing Hawthorn trees, 
more Honeysuckle to be found, a beautiful yellow.
Into open fields full of drying Rapeseed.

Here amongst the wild life margins was a Ringlet, a great specimen. 

Scented Mayweed

All the fields in this area have wildlife margins 

  Full of many wild flowers, the Hares and Pheasants can be found feeding here.
This is one of my favourite spots to stop  and take in the view,   

Red Admiral

After coming such a long way this Red Admiral was looking a bit worn, but still lovely to see.

Plenty of Yellow flowers from the Daisy family were out, last year I found these family of flowers very hard to I.D as there are so many that look similar, it's on my list to sort out and name.

I made it all the way round and now I was on my way to the reservoir, this can be a great place for water birds, but it is a bit hit and miss.
Today I found Yorkshire Water were doing some work on the bridge, they have lowered the water showing parts of the reservoir I have not seen before.

There was not many birds just a few Heron and Tufted Duck.

On the wall that runs along the bridge I spotted my first Mayfly.

At the far end of the wall there is a banking covered in Wild flowers, here was large numbers of 
Ringlet, not one staying still enough to take a photo, by now it was getting far to hot and I had over a mile to walk back to the car. 
Just enough time to look at the houses on the end which is were I would loooove to live..

This is one house ! anyone got a few million spare :)

Happy Hunting
Amanda xx 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Show and tell..

This is what I have seen to day..



Chimney Sweeper moth


Lots of photos of Orchids 

Small Heath


Odd looking Gall on Hawthorn Tree

Looking at the view over towards Armscliffe Crag Yorkshire 

Infested with Aphids

Happy Hunting
Amanda xx