Sunday, 4 May 2014

Valley Gardens, Harrogate.

Saturday we had a trip out to Valley Gardens in Harrogate.
We parked at RHS Garden Harlow Carr and had a quick look in the shop, its a good place for nature books and they have information cards by FSC , I got one on Ladybirds and Moths. Have posted about Harlow Carr see HERE

You walk through to large Pine woods

At the entrance to Valley Gardens, the land is planted up with many different trees, many I have not seen before, will save identifying them for another day.
The park is a great place for children, we had a go at crazy golf.

There lots of "themed" gardens and areas for specific plants.

(have to find the name of this plant)


Yellow Skunk Cabbage
Peony Tree

Flower beds full of Tulips.

The Giant Gunnera flowers looked stunning, need to go back when the leaves are fully out..they are huge

I just love this plant, I wonder if it will grow in my garden ?

They have put Bug Hotels in some of the gardens.

Walked towards Harrogate through the park, the trees were stunning.

Rock Gardens

 The place is just full of places to explore.

Keeping one eye on the grass verge on the way back to the car paid off, 
I spotted a Red and Black Froghopper 

Had a lovely day, if you get chance you must visit

Valley Gardens


  1. What a great place and your photos are super. Love the froghopper at the end :-)

    1. Thank you,could have spent hours there, want to go back and take a better look at the trees, on my own... Family members not as enthusiastic as me...
      I was so pleased with the froghopper never seen one before.

  2. A cracking looking garden Amanda, I love all the flowers and your pics are excellent, especially the Tulips and those bizarre looking Giant Gunneras. Those bug hotels are fantastic :-)

    1. Thanks David, I think we do our parks well, such diversity and you can usually get a coffee and a ice cream. I just love Giant Gunneras,want to go back when the leaves are fully out.

  3. Have passed this many times but never stopped to stare. Must give it a go. That tree peony looked just like ours.

    1. You must go Jacqui, it is a wonderful place to visit, I I.D the tree peony from seeing yours, so thanks for that..

  4. Looks a fantastic place! I love Gunnera too. Really like those woven willow (?) bugs on top of the bug hotels. And I see those froghoppers around a lot at the moment. :-)

    1. Thanks Mandy, never seen a Frohopper befor so it was a great end to a good day.

  5. A very nice walk.
    Love the Tulip images Amanda.

    1. Thanks Roy, the flower beds were stunning, lots of Tulips.