Friday, 23 May 2014

Unhappy bees and Fairy longhorn moth

Wednesdays trip to the park produced new and old favourites.

At the little "hot Spot" I check daily there was some angry Tree Bees, sadly some one had cut back the nettles next to a old tree stump, which had their nest in it, and in doing so had damaged their nest. They were very angry and confused .

Nettles cut back at the side of a little path.

You can see all the wood shavings falling out that would have been part of the nest.

If you look closely to the right of the photo you can make out some of the bees flying round, there was about 10 + didn't get to close as they were not happy.
Have not been back down to the park as it has rained for the last two days, it has been cold too so I hope they have found some were to shelter as they will struggle to live in this cold ,wet weather.

On Alder tree

Found some more Woolly Aphids this time on a Alder tree, they are a little different to the ones on the Larch tree.There is not to much information about the different types of aphids or good photos. Need to spend a little more time on this.

On larch tree.

From the noise the Starlings were making I could tell the first batch of young were out of their nests to day.

My favourite find of the day was spotting these tiny moths flying round a Cuckoo flower there was about four and did not stay still for long, 

The Adelidae or fairy longhorn moths

What a great looking moth.

Under the tree line I found this flower that I have not recorded at the park before

In some photos it dose look like Spring Speedwell but in other photos on the "web"
it dose not, so if you know let me know...

Azure Damselfly

Froghopper/Spittlebug/Cuckoo spit/Frog spit/Snake spit

Managed to find two caterpillars this week, but it is the second one I would like help with identifying 

how odd is this ?
Is this the head part ?

Would love some help this one


  1. Hi Amanda,
    I think the Speedwell is the Thyme-leaved Speedwell (Veronica serpyllifolia). The image in my book looks exactly like it with single flowers on a stalk. Nothing else looks like it.

    1. Thanks Roy, quite a few of my books don't have a photo of TL Speedwell, and I had not relised there was so many in the same family... I feel a hunt coming on...!

  2. Thyme-leaved Speedwell, but don't know about the pillar. Shame about the bees :-( Lovely little moth tho :-)

    1. Thanks CT, going to have a closer look at Speedwell, the TL speedwell was a new find for me. Need to work out how many species of wild flowers I have found at the park, think it is well over 80 now.(that's what I can do if it rains ! )

  3. I am so glad I've found your blog Amanda - I don't use Google+ so it took me a while to work out how it worked and find my way here. Such a shame about the bee nest - we are getting a lot of Tree Bumble Bees in the garden this year and I am constantly releasing them from the garage!!

    1. Thank you for comming by and leaving a comment, this is my main blog, and my other blogs were flowers, insects, trees ect.. Have their own blog can be accessed at the top of the page. Having their own blog means its easy to keep records of all the things I find.

  4. The 2nd 'caterpillar' is a hoverfly larva! They'll be hovering up aphids, good things to have in the garden. The first one looks like sawfly larva as I can count many prolegs - caterpillars have no more than 5 prolegs.

    Real shame about the bees and I hope they manage to repair the damage. Nice lot of interesting critters you have found. :-)

  5. Thanks Mandy, now I know the 2nd cat... Is have found many photos, will have a look at Sawflys, makes sense as we have allot of these insects.
    Been back to see the bees they are still alive, managed to see one go into a small hole amongst the wood shaving, hoping they have time to make a new chamber.
    Amanda x