Monday, 19 May 2014

One cheeky Roe Deer

Saturday saw make taking a different walk in my area

 At the back of my house there fields and a wood, the stream that runs through the park is at the bottom of this field, late summer when the grass is high, along the stream wild flowers grow so it is good for Butterflies. 

In the next field you can see a small wood, were the Bluebells grow, so like allot of woods this is known as Bluebell woods

There are Bluebells growing up the sides of the fields, we go sledging in these fields during winter, none of that this year..!!

Found some more Hybrid Cuckoo flower, same as flower (1`) from last post.

It is a private wood, but people do walk through it. I walked along the edge as I was looking for the Treecreeper,  have seen them here before. 
When in the distance I noticed a Roe Deer.

We stood and watched each other for a while, he was not stressed with me been there.
He's soooo cute.

He quietly walked into the field at the side of the wood

and walked round me to the other side.

He started to come close so I tried to switch my camera to film but messed up in the excitement,
As I took the next photo my camera was out of focus, and it was not till I got home and looked at my photos I realised he had stuck his tongue out !!!


 He stayed a little longer then moved of into the trees, I thought I had stayed long enough so moved out of the woods were he followed to see were I was going.

 I waved and said goodbye "see you later"
yes I was talking to a Deer.. !

Back in the second field I could see he had left the wood and now was in the open.

Such a lovely experience...
made my Saturday grand.

Amanda xx


  1. Awwww fabulous, you lucky thing! It seemed to take a shine to you. You have lovely countryside where you live and the horse field with the bluebells along the edge is beautiful! Love all your photos. :-)
    I saw your replies to me from the other comments, I will give the moth trap thingy a go but we don't have any outside electricity sockets so I may have to use a torch. I'll google what to do as I know I have Lime Hawkmoths here as I found a caterpillar last year and I found a wing from a Clifden Nonpareil which is the biggest most wonderful moth so I would love to see one.

    1. Thanks Mandy, had a look at a Lime Hawkmoth would be a impressive moth to see, I ran the extension from inside, switched it of when we went to bed, not sure but if you use a proper moth trap you might leave it on all night.
      Amanda xx

    2. Well it's light here until 10.30pm at least in June so that's no good, lol! I really must google moth traps. And stop looking at blogs. ;-)

  2. Quite unusual for them to be so unconcerned about people- perhaps you are a Deer Whisperer? :-)

    Lovely captures of a beautiful animal and the scenery was lovely too- beautiful woodland x

    1. Thanks, I love going to this wood,but is a little creepy on your own...some of the trees have faces carved into them a long time ago, if you go looking for them you can't find them? you find them when you are a little scared and on your own. I don't often have the dog with me here as he is mad for the squirrels,and like to day I hope to see the deer.

  3. What a fantastic experience Amanda, that must have been really special :-) Great pics as well !

    1. Thanks David, it was special made my day, most I have seen in one day is two, but they have been far away in another field, the wood is very boggy and dense in places so not accessible to people, so it's a good place for them to hide.