Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Morning to evening

Photo diary of a day at the Park
(last Thursday)

Insects found
Digger Flies ?, Stretch Spider, Click Beetle
Blossom on a Rowan tree

Ptychoptera contaminata, Harlequin, Tiger Cranefly 

Copper Beach

Fish to discover in the pond.

Evening in the park


Small Tortoiseshell

Green veined Butterfly


  1. Some lovely macro shots Amanda and I really like the Small Tort collage and of course who can resist a cloud shot.

    1. Thanks Roy, I love getting chance to go to the park on an evening.

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely :-)

    The light in the evening shots is superb x

  3. Thanks CT, it's a lovely place to go on a evening, I like seeing the sun shine through the grass as it sets.

  4. Fabulous, that copper beech is amazing and the grasses in the evening light superb.
    Those crane flies that you've ID'd now are really cool, I particularly like the Tiger Cranefly.
    And guess what, I have finally figured out how to follow blogs again with my blogger ID. It kept wanting me to be my G+ ID but I fiddled around not really knowing what I was doing, and hey presto I have got my blogger profile back!
    AAAAArrrrrgh but now it doesn't recognise MMM as my profile now that I'm trying to post this comment. I may have to comment as Mandy .... let's see.

    1. Well that's OK then, the problem is when it says 'Google account'. Yes but which one???!!! :-)

    2. Thanks Mandy, lots of great bugs comming up soon, running about a week behind with my photos!!!
      As for G+ I haven't a clue how it all works just managing to under stand blogger a little. Settings seems to be a good place to start...
      Amanda x