Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bugs, Birds and a cute calf......

..... Chevin....

Meadow Pipit 

Been on the Chevin (Otley) looking for Brimstone Butterflies to day, 
No joy.....

Found a " Gorse" Sheldbug,
 another on to add to my list, I was very lucky to spot it.

Sooo Cute

A new fly to I.D, 
at first I thought it was a small moth flying as it looked silver, 
It is very hairy underneath.



Birds in the garden are busy feeding all day,
 had first young of the year in, (Blue tit.)

Blue tit
Just looking a tad scruffy... 

the Scarlet lilly beetles are back breeding on my Lilly's, they look amazing against the green of the plant.
Not everyone will feel the same, but the plant seems to grow fine every year.


Chiffchaff I think..

Good number of  Speckled Wood were out to day.

Crane fly (Tipula vittata)

Bluebells to finish.
That was my finds this weekend.

Amanda xxx


  1. What a great weekend Amanda, you have certainly recorded a large variety of wildlife and whatnot over the past few days :-) I haven't seen any fledglings in the garden yet so it is great to see your pic of the rather scruffy looking Blue Tit. The Scarlet Lilly Beetles are a fantastic colour aren't they and well done getting that lovely pic of a Meadow Pipit :-)

    All the best and kindest regards :-)

    1. Thanks David, there is allot to see at the moment, hope the weathers not to bad this weekend, itching to get back out with my camera ..who knows what I might see.

  2. What amazing photos Amanda, I especially love the beetles in the lily, although if it were my lily I'm not so sure if I would feel the same!!!
    V x

  3. Thank you, up to now they have not caused the plant any damage, but there is a lot more of them this year, don't think they affect any of my other plants, so will leave them alone for now.

  4. So much nature! You have a good eye, and take some great close up shots. You've reminded me that we've not been up to the Chevin since winter and must go soon, now that it's warming up. x

  5. Thanks Gillian, if you get chance to go, have a look out for a Brimstone butterfly, still not managed to find one.