A bit of this and that...one scruffy blue tit

Still had no young Sparrows in the garden, notice these two females gathering string of my Sweet pea post.

White Wells is a spa bath situated on Ilkley Moor in West Yorkshire, England. It was built in c.1700 as an open air spa bath, later baths were enclosed and a single plunge pool survives today inside the White Wells Spa Cottage

Although I have lived in this area many years I have never got round to visiting this area of Ilkley on the moor.

This is looking back down into Ilkley, the habitat is great with small and large ponds dotted all over.

One of the small pond had tadpoles in it, first I have seen for a while.
Horse tail

At the bottom of the hill behind the Craiglands Hotel there is a tarn, this is what we had gone to see but by now it was raining sooooo hard we decided to go home, need to go back when the rain stops !!!


Poor Mr Scruffy Blue tit is back, when I first saw him I thought he was a young bird that had not got rid of all his down feathers, but as you can see he is an adult who has lost most of his feathers on his body..
not a good look

After my success on Rombald's Moor this morning I was going to make the most of the weather and took the dog a walk in the field were I had seen the Roe Deer last week.

I found this beautiful 
Silver-ground Carpet moth (Xanthorhoe montanata)

Common Malachite beetle 

Malachius bipustulatus

The one on the left has plain antennae, that's the female. The male, with the yellow protrusions on his antennae produces a secretion, called an excitator, that the female eats during the courtship process.
Thanks to the comments left by Maria. On JJ's blog

Found this moth on the wall out side the house.
Think this a Common Pug Moth (Eupithecia vulgata), the Pug moths do look very similar,especially the Oak-tree Pug moth. We do have a Oak tree next door at the bottom of the garden. 


  1. Love the Sparrow Girls working at the string and the beetle shots are fab, but that poor Blue Tit! I wonder what on earth has happened there? I think your pug may be a Common (but they are quite hard to tell apart). Great scenic shots too- what a beautiful place to live x

    1. Thanks CT, Mr Blue tit has been back to day so he is feeding ok, I think birds can get a mite that dose this to their body feathers. Had a look at Common, hard to tell..went with Oak as we have a Oak tree next door. Ragged Robin said the same "common" so will change it.

  2. Wonderful series of nature photos. The birds are adorable.. Happy weekend!

    1. Thank you eileeninmd for coming by and leaving a comment,glad you like my photos. Happy weekend to you too

  3. Great photos - really like the moths and beetle :) White Wells looks a wonderful habitat to explore - hope you can return soon. Not sure about the pug - (I find pugs really hard to tell apart) but it looks more like Common to me. Recently fledged house sparrows are just starting to appear here so they shouldn't be too long visiting you.

    1. Thanks Robin, can't believe I left it this long before going here, it was really a nice place. Thanks with the help on the Pug, they are a hard family to tell apart.

  4. We used to love Wharfedale and Ilkley Moor when we lived up in Yorkshire. Thanks for the view down into the valley.

    Your Malachite Beetle photos are stunning!

    1. Thank you, lived in the area near Ilkley for many years and never been to this spot ! It is very lovely. I come from North Yorkshire, but I love living in West Yorkshire. Hope to do a few posts from here so pop back and have a look.
      Amanda xx

  5. Ilkeley Moor looks beautiful! Lovely photos of it. The sparrow photos are wonderful but poor old scruffy blue tit is barely recognisable. :-(
    And the first moth is a beauty!

    1. Thank you Mandy, the more people have said they like the area, the more I have liked it...look at it differently though other peoples eyes...mr Scruffy has been back feeding to day, I thought he looked a little better !

  6. Brilliant post - especially the beetles (and the moths, and the birds, and the horsetails...)
    ...and Ilkley Moor. I had relatives in North Yorkshire, so have been through Ilkley and Otley. Must stop to admire the views next time!
    All the best :)

    1. Thank you, finding so many insects and moths..can't believe how much I didn't "see" before... If you are calling you must go on the Chevin above Otley..you will love it. Doing a post on the wildflower meadow which is at one end of the Chevin, went on Sunday,it's amazing place.
      Amanda x


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