Friday, 30 May 2014

A bit of this and scruffy blue tit

Still had no young Sparrows in the garden, notice these two females gathering string of my Sweet pea post.

White Wells is a spa bath situated on Ilkley Moor in West Yorkshire, England. It was built in c.1700 as an open air spa bath, later baths were enclosed and a single plunge pool survives today inside the White Wells Spa Cottage

Although I have lived in this area many years I have never got round to visiting this area of Ilkley on the moor.

This is looking back down into Ilkley, the habitat is great with small and large ponds dotted all over.

One of the small pond had tadpoles in it, first I have seen for a while.
Horse tail

At the bottom of the hill behind the Craiglands Hotel there is a tarn, this is what we had gone to see but by now it was raining sooooo hard we decided to go home, need to go back when the rain stops !!!


Poor Mr Scruffy Blue tit is back, when I first saw him I thought he was a young bird that had not got rid of all his down feathers, but as you can see he is an adult who has lost most of his feathers on his body..
not a good look

After my success on Rombald's Moor this morning I was going to make the most of the weather and took the dog a walk in the field were I had seen the Roe Deer last week.

I found this beautiful 
Silver-ground Carpet moth (Xanthorhoe montanata)

Common Malachite beetle 

Malachius bipustulatus

The one on the left has plain antennae, that's the female. The male, with the yellow protrusions on his antennae produces a secretion, called an excitator, that the female eats during the courtship process.
Thanks to the comments left by Maria. On JJ's blog

Found this moth on the wall out side the house.
Think this a Common Pug Moth (Eupithecia vulgata), the Pug moths do look very similar,especially the Oak-tree Pug moth. We do have a Oak tree next door at the bottom of the garden. 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hello sunshine,chicks Moths and Butterflies..

The sun was due to shine Sunday morning, after having rain for three days I was up dressed , coffee made and out of the door by eight.I was off to find Butterflies, there is a spot on the road side near Rombald's Moor (Ilkley moor) of Bingley Rd (West Yorkshire).Were I had seen Blue Butterflies before.
You have to take your life into your hands on this stretch as there are no paths,and because it is a country road people like to go as fast as possible!!! to avoid been run over I took a little look in one of the Pine woods on the road side, it was beautifully with the sun shining through.

On the other side of the stream was male Roe Deer.
Along the the road side, 

                                                    the verge is full of wild flowers and Ferns

The sun was still warming up so decided to look here when I came back, further up the road is the path that takes you on the moor

It is a vast expand of space up here.

Looking at the Heather on the way up I spotted my first moth

A Common Heath Moth covered in dew, how cool are its antennae 

Also this Moth which I think is Netted Mountain Moth.

Spiders webs every were, then as the sun warmed up thing began to steam in the heat.

You can see for miles up here and when all the Heather is out the whole place turns purple.

The mosses were fruiting and added a splash of colour

 Click Beetle (Ctenicera cuprea)

Over in the far wood I heard my first Cuckoo calling this year, Buzzard, Curlew, Lapwing, Gulls,Meadow Pipit and Grouse were all about.
On the way down the Game keeper stopped to talk to me, he had been out checking on the Grouse and their chicks because of all the rain, they were getting to big to shelter under mum, he said he hadn't seen many so far. We chatted for a while about what I was looking at and like all good game keepers he was quite knowledgeable about everything, even Butterflies. 
(Note to self.. brush hair before leaving the house ! Nice man .. I looked like I had slept on the moor!)
After he left I stepped of the path and disturbed a Grouse, and there in the rushes was a chick.
SOOO cute

Happy I'd seen a chick, I quikley left it alone so mum could come back,and set of back down the track.
( Later I also saw a Curlew chick as well)

Then what was that a small flash of green went past, could it be a Butterfly ?

Yes it was my very first
Green Hairstreak
Who new they were so small !!!
This one was very kind to me and stayed still for photos..after that I saw loads they were every were!!
The sun had brought all the Heath Moths out.

Here are a few more insects I saw to day..

I didn't get to see any Blue Butterflies but I was very happy with what I did see.
..........Best day........

Friday, 23 May 2014

Unhappy bees and Fairy longhorn moth

Wednesdays trip to the park produced new and old favourites.

At the little "hot Spot" I check daily there was some angry Tree Bees, sadly some one had cut back the nettles next to a old tree stump, which had their nest in it, and in doing so had damaged their nest. They were very angry and confused .

Nettles cut back at the side of a little path.

You can see all the wood shavings falling out that would have been part of the nest.

If you look closely to the right of the photo you can make out some of the bees flying round, there was about 10 + didn't get to close as they were not happy.
Have not been back down to the park as it has rained for the last two days, it has been cold too so I hope they have found some were to shelter as they will struggle to live in this cold ,wet weather.

On Alder tree

Found some more Woolly Aphids this time on a Alder tree, they are a little different to the ones on the Larch tree.There is not to much information about the different types of aphids or good photos. Need to spend a little more time on this.

On larch tree.

From the noise the Starlings were making I could tell the first batch of young were out of their nests to day.

My favourite find of the day was spotting these tiny moths flying round a Cuckoo flower there was about four and did not stay still for long, 

The Adelidae or fairy longhorn moths

What a great looking moth.

Under the tree line I found this flower that I have not recorded at the park before

In some photos it dose look like Spring Speedwell but in other photos on the "web"
it dose not, so if you know let me know...

Azure Damselfly

Froghopper/Spittlebug/Cuckoo spit/Frog spit/Snake spit

Managed to find two caterpillars this week, but it is the second one I would like help with identifying 

how odd is this ?
Is this the head part ?

Would love some help this one