Monday, 28 April 2014

That's what you get for looking under stones.... a Newt

We went for a evening walk at the park, while the boys went of to play foot ball, I went looking under stones.
And there he/she was a Smooth/Common Newt.
I was so excited...
It was so tiny, a first for the park.

With the park been full of Ladybirds and Harlequins, I have been taking a closer look and doing some reading up on the Ladybird.

There have been 3500 species of coccinellid described worldwide but until recently only 43 were considered as resident in Britain.

Of the 46 ladybird species now found in Britain only 26 are readily recognisable as ladybirds and these are the focus of the Ladybird Survey.

Here are a few I have found this past week.

16 Spot Orange ladybird

22 Spot Ladybird
2 Spot Ladybird

7 Spot ladybird

Also new at the park this week

Bombus hypnorum Tree Bee and 

Bombus pascuorum  Common Carder Bee (bee on the dandelion) 

Have made theses collages up using's free


  1. What great finds! I thought you'd found a lizard and could hardly believe that was a newt!

    All my ladybirds seem to have disappeared although I did find a tiny larva, so that is something. Well done with the IDing. :-)

    The bumble bees are great but I think the one on the dandelion is a different species. Look at Bombus pascuorum, the Common Carder Bee. I think it looks like that.

    1. Thanks Mandy, I did think at first the Newt was a Lizard, it was so tiny..I wanted to put something next to it so you could gadge how small it was, but I didn't like to disturbe it to much. Did think the Bumble Bee on the Dandelion looked a little different as it has a stripy bottom, will have a look and change it. Thanks..
      Amanda x

  2. I'm loving the pics Amanda. I'm going to try Picmonkey next time for a collage...I'm hoping for some new ladybirds this year, I've not really tried to identify them in the past other than 2 and 7 spot ones...

  3. Thank you Stewart, there are lots of things you can do with your photos on Picmonkey haven't tried them all. Hoping to find some more ladybirds too,

  4. I didn't realise there were so many types of ladybirds, which answered the question I had in my mind about the yellow one that you had on your other blog.

    1. Thanks again Jacqui, I too hadn't realised there was so many, hope to find some more over the summer.

  5. There has been a big influx of Harlequin in the least couple of years Amanda. They are spreading like wild fire.

    1. Thanks Roy, I wounder if there is anything going to be done, from what I have read so far they are having an effect on the native 2 spot ladybird, don't know what the could do though.

  6. A lovely selection of photos, Amanda - really stunning. I'm still not sure about identifying the different ladybirds. One day I must improve my knowledge!

    1. Thanks Wendy, there are more ladybirds to find but it starts to get harder as they do look a lot like Haralaquin ladybird, and at the moment there is a lot of them too.