Wednesday, 2 April 2014

New Birds and old favourites

Park Birds

Sunday saw the return of a few birds at the park, the Nuthatch were back getting their nest ready, and I could hear my first Chiffchaff's .

This was my best shot so far....

The Redwing are still at the park, still as skittish as ever but counted 20+ to day..

Then the bird of the day was spotting a...


Still not a good photo, but defiantly a Redstart, this is a new bird for the park...
Have seen them up home in the Yorkshire Dales before.

Because it was warm the park was buzzing with insects..

Garden birds

Goldfinch have been in every day feeding, there has been a Chaffinch singing at the top of his voice for the last few days, I noticed two female Chaffinch in the garden. It is a bird I don't normally get.

Then Bird of the day...a

Yet another bad photo!!!! camera has a mind of its own some times..
A new bird to add to my garden list..

Other nature notes

The Gorse has come out lovely this year on the Chevin and it was covered in Ladybirds.

Fields full of Skylarks but no Wheatear which I had gone looking for.

Young Oak tree covered  in  Oak Apples

Plenty of singing Chaffinch.

Red male cones on a Cedar tree.

Looking back I have had a right RED few days.....


  1. A really nice collection Amanda.
    Especially the male Redstart which is one I have never seen or taken yet.
    I did get a female shot from a distance last year, but that was it.

    1. Thanks Roy, just wish I got a better photo, been back to day did not see it. It was very cold to day everything was a little quiet.

  2. Hi Amanda, Thank you for your comments. Don't know why it's taken me so long to visit you...but I'm glad I have now. Your photos are stunning and such interesting posts. I've added you to my blog roll as I don't want to miss any more posts, or seeing how you get on with the sew a kind of Daisy, I'm tempted to make another skirt but I'm currently sewing something's nearly finished and I'm excited to share it on my blog.
    I do hope you enjoy Susan's book....I thought it was such a beautiful and happy, easy read.
    Jacquie x

    1. Thanks Jacquie, you have visited before on my other Blog 'rabbit house lane' were I show my crafty wears ! I also have a blog for Birds, Flowers, Trees, and Moss/ Fungi it keeps me out of trouble.....!! Hope Susan's book turns up this weekend, and thanks for joining.
      Amanda xx

  3. We get nuthatch and redpolls in the garden but thet're willey and never stay still enough to catpure on film. You must be very patient, Amanda!
    Jacqui x

    1. Thanks Jacqui, some days you can just get a lucky shot...

  4. You've had some great sightings of wildlife. I love the Nuthatch photos and it's wonderful that you've saw and photographed the Redstart. I haven't seen any Redwings or Fieldfares recently so I wonder if they've gone from here now.

  5. Thanks Wendy, I am surprised the Redwings are still about, have not seen a Fieldfare for a few years, just hope this fog lifts soon.

  6. Great post! I know how hard it is to capture birds so well done. Amazed and dead jealous of your Redpoll. I've never seen one so fancy having one in your garden, lucky you! Bugs are great too. :-)

    1. Thanks Mandy, had a good week for birds, they are a nice looking bird, but see them less and less each year.

  7. It's a delightful post. Wondering if you've thought of joining us in following a particular tree with us through the year? There's information on the Loose and Leafy Tree Following Page.

  8. thanks Lucy, have been following in my own way, just have not got round to setting up the link....