Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Looking for frogs and a toothless stellaman

Sunday was sunny and very windy, sill have not managed to see any Frogs or Toads,so after some searching around on the internet I found a place I have visited before...

It is next to the river Wharf in Otley off the road leading to Pool.

On entering the area I came across  Butterbur, the flowers were a little past there best, I had spent a whole week looking for this plant and managed to find some at Ben Rhydding. Must remember this for next year.

There are many paths you can take, I took the one that follows the river..

On the banking I found some Ground-ivy, the wind was blowing so hard so some photos a little blurred.

On the river I spotted two female Goosanders, they are quite common on the river Wharlf, but soon move of if they spot you.

The path then takes you down to the little pond....
Work has been done on clearing the area and paths around the site have been put in place.
Not one frog or Toad to be seen, the site was a little smaller than I was expecting and the wind howling through did not help, I imagine it will be a good place for Dragonflies in the summer.

Leaving the little reserve I took the path that follows the river

This photo is looking back towards Otley, the row of Lambardy-poplar trees that line the road out side Stephen Smiths garden centre can be seen. A great place to visit if you are passing.



A pair of Goosanders this time on the river.

The Forget-me-nots looked lovely in the sunshine

Following the path to the end takes you into a much denser part of the wood , here are two large pond that are owned by the Water board, last time I walked this way you could walk round the edge and see what water foul were on the water, this time it was all fenced of, the wood is a little thick here and I was feeling a little uneasy about been here on my own. But I did find another patch of  Butterbur.

Started to walk back when I came across two men, one with a dog (very large Husky) the other a toothless 
man drinking a can of Stellar, "Toothless Stellaman" with more in his little orange bag from Sainsburys. Funny how you can notice these things when you are a little  lot scared. Put by brave face on and said "Good morning" they both said "good morning back, as I walked rather quickly out of the wood. This is not the first time I have come across strange men (not all men are strange) on my quest looking for nature, that's why I always make sure that someone knows were I am going.  But answer me this why do I never bump into any one that looks like Chris Packham...!

On the way back found snails jammed in a tree.

Back home..
Will be going again to the reserve to see what develops....
just hope the Toothless Stellaman has gone.


  1. Certainly looks a promising place to see plenty of wildlife Amanda. Preferably the non beer swilling type. You should carry a bipod for setting your camera up on. Not for steadying your camera really, but it would make a useful truncheon.{:))
    Keep safe.

    1. I know, I don't know my bipod from my elbow. I meant Monopod of course.{:))

    2. Thanks Roy, think it will be a good place for Dragonfly, during the summer. Did know what you ment with bipod, have one some were, will take it with me next time.

  2. What a beautiful place to visit. I know exactly what you mean about feeling vulnerable out walking alone. It's frustrating :-(

    1. Thank you, my husband dose come with me sometimes, but I feel I should rush, he can get a bit board, like when I'm looking at clothes kinda look..!! So I'm happy to go on my own, just have to be careful.....

  3. Goosanders! You are so lucky to see them, they are such crazy amazing looking birds! I'd be scared out walking in the woods on my own. Just read your reply above re husbands, yes I feel the same when I want to take photos of all sorts of things and feel he is getting very bored with me!
    Loved all your creepy crawlies in the previous post too. I'll know who to ask for IDs. :-)

  4. Thanks Mandy, had never seen a Goosander till we went to Wales about five years ago.. When we got back I must have seen one every time I went out.....!

  5. You need a dog ... middle age helps, but I feel a lot less vulnerable when out and about than I used to thanks to my canine companions.

    Lovely pics Amanda. And Goosanders! They're about here in north Wales, but quite elusive.

  6. Thanks Annie, I do have a dog, some times I leave him at home, I am more. Scared of other peoples dogs than I was of the toothless stellaman, having with me attracts other dogs....not easy some times. That's why I end up going places were I hope I don't come across anyone...
    Wales was the first place I saw Goosanders.