Saturday, 19 April 2014

Lime Stone Country

Thursday 17th April

To day I went home to Settle and went a walk round  Oxenber and Wharfe woods near Feizor,
just of the A65 on the way to Austwick.
I had gone looking for Green Woodpeckers,Redstart, and a flower called Toothwort.
I saw non of the above...
First walked through a field with different types of sheep and lambs.

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Heading for the hill

Past a old Barn, every time we come here the Barn gets less and less as the elements take hold

Through the gate, the area is covered in Primroses

If you can read the sign it tells you what you can see. The wood is made up of Hazel trees mainly,as well as Hawthorn and some Ash.


Early Purple Orchid 
This is a very good area to see Early Purple Orchid as well, they are just starting to come through, when they do they cover the hillside.

  This is the view looking back over towards Settle, as you can tell it was a cold grey day, overcast and no sun.

Wandered through the Hazel trees looking for the Toothwort flower

The grass which is full of moss had Large Black Slugs all over it.

Under a rotting log I found a Pill millipede, have never seen one before. Told the kids I had found a small Armadillo..! they didn't believe me.

From the top you can see over to Ingleborough, one of the Three Peaks.

All the cracks and crevasses in the lime stone is a good place for Ferns and Moss.


Hart's toungue fern

Glossy Red Bryum Moss

Racomitrium Lanuginosum

Lime Stone as far as the eye can see,great place for Wild Flowers a little later on in the season.

Blue moor-grass growing all over, can you see it..!
very small.

This is the main Lime Stone pavement on top of the hill.

This Hawthorn tree is on the edge looking towards Austwick.

A good day...
Bit grey and cold,the only birds I saw to day was Chaffinch, Wren and Curlew, did not even hear the Green Woodpecker calling...

Hope to go back in May.


  1. Wow that Lime Stone pavement on top of the hill is fantastic... also loving all the moss shots too!! Happy Easter time... smiles Cass x

    1. Thanks Cass, it's a great place to be, there was allot of Moss, wish they were easer to I.D

  2. Fantastic pics Amanda. Haven't seen a limestone pavement in years. Thanks for the link to the toothwort too- I'd not heard of it before.

    1. Thanks, if I was going to see a Toothwort I'd hope it would have been here, Hazel trees every were. I follow Phil from he seems to find the most wonderful things.

  3. Some super scenic shots Amanda and some good macros as well. The stone is so unusual, I have seen it on various TV programmes and it looks quite strange to see trees growing out of it.

    1. Thanks Roy, you need to put it on your bucket list, they are amazing places full of life, some of the crevices are very deep. I grew up with lime stone all around me, but I still enjoy visiting the pavements.

  4. I love all the limestone, such an unusual sight for me here. The primroses and orchid are lovely, it's such a beautiful sight to see whole areas of them both.

    1. Thanks Wendy, it is one of my favourite places to go when I visit home, love looking for things amongst the Lime Stone, as for the flowers the whole hill side is covered, looks amazing when the Bluebells come out with Purple Orchid growing amongst the blue.

  5. What a wonderful place, it looks so peaceful. I've never seen one of those millipedes before, I didn't realise they were so big! xx

    1. Thank you, it is a lovely place to be..just you and the country side. The millipede is quite small, you can't just tell of the photo, it's such a cool insect.

  6. Oxenber and Wharfe wood is a delightful location and hopefully we'll be visiting it sometime this week, the spring flowers should be at their best.

    1. Thank you, when you go the Ochids should be out all over, will look lovely.