Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Five years of trying.....

That's how long it has taken me to finally get a photo of a male 
Orange Tip butterfly.

Tuesday at the park was warm, I saw up to five Orange tip, they like to hang around the boggy areas of the park. I have been looking for them, and females for the past week as more and more people report they have seen one.
There was none on Monday as I wandered round,they must of all hatching at the same time. 
I have been back round to day, it's a little duller to day but warm..I saw non.

But managed to find a female, they are very still ( not like the male )and happy to be photographed , hard to spot sometimes, they look like a little feather caught on a grass from a distance.

Also to day (Tuesday) was the first sighting of 

Woodland Brown or Speckled Wood...?
I find it hard to tell the difference.

Thanks to Roy, I know now this is a Speckled Wood Butterfly..
The Woodland Brown dose look very similar but very rare in UK. 

The Peacock Butterfly looked stunning in the sun.

I did not see this Comma at the park, but out on one of my walks, if I had not seen it first with it's wings open, I would have walked straight past it..
Great camouflage, just looks like a dead leaf.

There are many insects at the park, here are a few found to day, still have to try and name some.
I know some are Hover Fly's, but there are many types.

Thanks to Mandy for helping I.D these insects.

Top- St Mark's Fly ( Bibio marci ) all so known as
 "Hawthorn Fly"
Left-Hover Fly (Volucella pellucens )
Middle- Hover Fly Syrphus ribesii )
Right- Noon Fly (Mesembrina meridana )

If you are interested you can see more insect on
my insect blog.


  1. Lovely series of pics Amanda, especially all the gorgeous butterflies :-) It took me years to get a decent picture of an Orange-tip too !

    1. Thanks David, hope its a good year for Butterflies and I get to see some new ones..

  2. Well done getting those Orange Tips - here they never stand still! The one you are not sure about is a Speckled Wood. I hadn't even heard of a Woodland Brown! So I hope I get to see one of them one day.

    In the fly pic, top one - look up St Mark's Fly, female. They have funny looking heads that don't look like a fly.
    Bottom row, left is probably Merodon equestris, the Narcissus Bulb Fly, a hoverfly. Middle one is a hoverfly but you can spend the time IDing that, and the fly on the right I've seen plenty of times but don't know what it is.
    Nice lot of bugs! :-)

    1. Thank You Mandy for taking the time to give me all this information, bottom left I thought was a Pellucid Fly (volucella pellucens) so will have to take another look, the middle Hover fly...need to be careful here as I thought it was a Syrphus vitripennis, but turns out they have a brown leg at the back just at the top....!!!! Bottom right I thought it was a Tachina grossa or giant tachinid fly, now I'm not sure... Happy days....
      Amanda xx

    2. Just having a quick look at a couple of sites I use for more common species. I think the black fly with orange bits is Mesembrina meridiana, which has a yellow face. I know I've seen this one!
      The hoverfly might be a Epistrophe something, they have yellow legs. But you probably have more than one photo so I can't be sure from one pic. And it also looks like that Syrphus that you mentioned!!

      Try this site, it's a Dutch site but in English. I've got lots of IDs from here and this guy even came onto my blog once and he's the one who told me about Merodon equestris!

      Really hoverflies are as much of a nightmare to ID as bees or anything else, there are just so many of them and so many that look really similar. I usually put on my blog that I 'think' it is such and such if I am not 100% sure (which is most of the time......) :-)

    3. Thanks again Mandy, have up-dated the blog with the names of the insects, well to the best of my (our) knowledge. More photos are on my insect Blog, Thanks.
      Amanda X

    4. I'll go and look at your insect blog. :-)
      Today I have just seen a lifer butterfly, a Dingy Skipper! Will feature on my blog in due course.
      I also looked through your blog roll and you are following some interesting people. I am glad I am not the only person who is nuts about bugs (amongst other wildlife) and wanting to ID everything. :-)

    5. Hi Mandy, had a read up about the Dingy Skipper, you did well to spot this butterfly....look forward to seeing your photos.

  3. Hi Amanda, great shot getting the Orange Tip, well done finding it. The Brown is a Speckled Wood. You would be very fortunate to find a Woodland Brown in UK, I don't think there has ever been a sighting as its a mainland Europe species. Switzerland would be a good place to find them.

    1. Thank you Roy for the information, had not read all the notes in my Butterfly book...still might have made the same mistake, so thank you for taking the time to comment..Have up-dated the blog.
      Amanda x

  4. Hi Amanda, I spotted your pic of the orange tip on Bunny Mummy's blog roll and dashed over. I tried and tried to get a photo of one the other day but never managed - nice to know I have 5 years to go! Will be posting pics of our walk tomorrow with the same butterflies - obviously the season for them. X

    1. Thanks Julie for comming by and leaving a comment, they are just emerging so quite a few about , have seen more today. Still not managed to take another photo......will pop over and have a look at your walk.
      Amanda x

  5. I sympathise re the OT lads, having been trying to photograph them for weeks now. Nice shot you got tho and perhaps worth waiting for? Lovely of the female too. I'd also say that was a Speckled Wood. :-)

    1. Thank you, I was pleased with the one I got, hope to get another over the summer.