Thursday, 24 April 2014

After the rain in the Park


Tuesday was a rainy day, but by Two, the sun came out and we adventured into the park to see what was about after the rain.
The Robin was very obliging and stayed to have it's photo taken.

Grove Snail

There were a few Snails on there way out of a wall.

Found a species of the "Ribes" family, ( Gooseberry for example)

It has beautiful flowers when you look close, will follow this plant and see what fruit it has on later in the year.

Have been turning stones and wood over like you do.... looking at what's living in the park. At the bottom of the photo there is a Flat-backed Millipede which I have seen before (last week for the first time!) But can you see the small hairy bug on the wood above the Millipede, you might have to make the photo bigger to see it, have looked but unable to find out what it is...any ideas.

I have managed to find out what the little insect is called...
Springtail most probably Orchesella villosa, you can find more information here 

All the flowers on this Japanese Yellow Rose were very wet.

  The large Beech tree that hangs over the pond makes great patterns in the water.

My first ducklings of the cute...

The flower on the Cherry Laurel are out.

This must be a bumper year for Harlequins and Ladybirds they are every were.

The Yellow Archangel is flowering.


  1. I tried photographing an Archangel last week but the result was too pale. Yours is great. Love the Robin and snail too and the millipede and the flowers. Can't help with the other little chap though - sorry :-)

    1. Thanks CT, having so much fun taking photograph at the moment, and I love that I'm still finding new things at the park every day. Just need the time to find out what they all are and get them on my Blogs.....

  2. Lovely photos. I love the Robin and the Yellow Archangel. I have seen some out but I must look for some more here.

    1. Thank you Wendy, luckily the Robin stayed long enough for me to get a good photo,