Sunday, 23 March 2014


On Saturday we decided to walk up Pen-y-gent, I wanted to find a flower called Purple Saxifrage that grows there on Limestone.

When I started looking for Wild Flowers last year in April, one of the first people I started following was..

(Take a look as you can see he had better weather than me the week before)

He as done a few posts on this flower, and I have been waiting all year to go and have a look for my self . I came from Langcliffe so you could  seen Pen-y-gent from our house, and I have climbed it a few times in the past.

We set of from Horton in Ribblesdale , and as you can see they had ad a bit of snow the night before.

We walked up past Brackenbottom Farm.

As you can see the sun was shinning.

This is looking back over to Horton

At this point I said
 " The weather is just perfect "
....Famous last words.

The sky went black and we had a snow storm, this one did pass.

It was a had walk !!!  before we climbed the hard shaley bit, the weather had cleared enough to see  for miles.

To get close to the flowers was far to dangerous because of the snow and wind.

This is as near as I could get to them, which was OK
 for today as the conditions were so bad.

The weather was getting worse.
But we made it to the top...

We won the award for the "not dressed for the weather" award...
things got even worse,

 We decided it was not safe to go back the way we came, down the rocks. There was a sign saying to Horton but you could not see anything as it was snowing  so hard. Just then a jogger came up from the bottom, we quickly followed his foot prints back down the hill till we found the path...Horton Scar
It snowed hard for the next four miles.... 

......What a great day......


  1. Lovely scenic shots Amanda. A great shame the weather moved in and spoilt a chance of any further.

    1. Thanks Roy, if I get chance I will go back up befor they finish flowering.

  2. My goodness - there's so much snow! I've not seen any all winter, so it is quite a surprise to see it where you are. But what a fantastic walk. I'd love to see some Purple Saxifrage, too.
    It's lovely seeing your gorgeous dog again!

    1. Thanks Wendy, we had a great day even with the snow, I can still feel my hips!!! From all that climbing..

  3. That's a plant I'd really like to see! Glad you got down safely - looks treacherous...

  4. Thanks Phil, I was thrilled to see the flower I have been waiting all year to go, it was not to bad for a Yorkshire lass, tough lot....

  5. Glad you made it even though the weather deteriorated your pictures are very atmospheric. I think from your account you must have found your flowers on the rock band as you scrambled up the steep end, we didn't see any in this area this year.

    1. Thanks David, there was a lot of flowers growing on this side, at first I thought this was we're you had seen them.

  6. Gosh! all that snow. We had a bit here but that was something else. Great photos and you found your goal. The pueple really stands out against the white of the snow.

    1. Thanks Jacqui, we have not stopped telling people about the snow, I was so glad I saw the flower,it was very special hunting it down.