Monday, 10 March 2014

Giggleswick, North Yorkshire

Saturday morning was a walk up High Rigg in Giggleswick with my dad...

Starting from their house in Giggleswick we walked up Craven bank Ln past Giggleswick School.

The wall up the side of the road is covered in Ferns.

Looking back into the village of Giggleswick, and the hills beyond.

Past the Chapel 

Cladonia fimbriata
All the walls were covered in Mosses and Lichens.

From the top you can see Giggleswick Quarry, the B6480 runs along the side of the Quarry.

Curlews out in the fields.

The view was  covered in low cloud, but this is looking back over towards Settle.

First Lamb of the year.

We then cross over the main road A65, onto another small road.

Over the train line that takes you to Morecambe.

More cute lambs and sheep.

This is the Twenty pence buried in the road, you have to find it every time you walk past !

Lots of lovely farm houses

At this farm there was thousands of Starlings moving through the fields.

Starting to make our way back down now

Lots of great big trees along the road side.

 More lovely Lichens

We are now crossing back over the A65.

More sheep you would like to have...

More houses you would like to live..

More Ferns I would like to know the name of...

Pink blossom I would like...

back through the houses and home, the walk is about four and half miles.

Thanks Dad for a lovely walk...


  1. A lovely walk Amanda with loads of interesting observations and photos :-) It is a beautiful corner of the world around there isn't it and I really should try and get over to the west of the county more often. However it also interesting to see just how stark and wintry looking the countryside still is up there at the moment !

  2. A lovely walk with some fantastic views. I love the sight of those starlings and the curlews in the fields. And I love the stone walls with the ferns. We don't have any local stone here so I'm always interested to see it in other areas.

  3. Thank you, I will have to do the walk again in summer so you can see the diffrence.

  4. What a nice area to walk Amanda, shame about the misty weather though.
    I love to hear the Curlew calling, not much chance to hear one around the area I live unfortunately.

    1. Thanks Roy, it is a shamr you don't get to hear Curlews, they have a great call..