Saturday, 29 March 2014

Fountains Abbey..Deer's and Dipper's

A walk past the church and through the Deer park...

St Mary's church
We parked at the visitors centre for Fountains Abbey, then walk out of the car park and follow the sings for the church and deer park along a bridle path, when you see the church you are there.

The first thing you will notice is the size of the trees, there are many ancient trees here, sadly allot damaged and limbs missing.

With a little research this tree is Sweet chestnut's big..

There are allot of  Lime trees like this, all matted up with twigs growing around the trunk.

There is Red,Fallow and Sika deer at the park, the weather was very hazy.

Al the tree's were huge ad full of character.

At the lake there was Swans,Cannda geese,mallard coots and Black-headed Gulls.

We took the path that followed the Valley of the Seven Bridges.
As the rest of the family climbed up the hill to look at the little building on the hill, I wandered over to the river were I saw two Dippers feeding in the water.

Can you just make out the Dipper under the water.

It was great to watch them swimming under the water to feed, it was a little dark here and I could not get to close..

There was Pheasants all over grounds.

We walked back to the cafe on the edge of the lake for a well deserved Cappuccino, then back to the visitors centre to get a fridge magnet.....

We try and get one were ever we go...


  1. Great to see a Dipper Amanda. That is one bird I have never seen.
    Those trees are amazing and must be several hundred years old.

    1. Thanks Roy, the Dippers are great to watch when they are feeding under the water, and the trees are very old

  2. The ancient trees look wonderful, I agree - they do have so much character. They will have such stories behind them! I love all the deer and the Dipper is fabulous. It's one of my favourite birds but I don't see any around here at all.

    1. Thanks Wendy, wish I had looked up about the trees before I went, there was a ancient Cherry tree there that I missed, ho well will just have to go back in the summer...