Friday, 21 February 2014

Look who popped in....

Right place right time, ran out to get the washing in as it was just starting to rain, as I shut the door I caught site of a Sparrow Hawk landing in the garden... 

Took some quick shots as I did not expect "her" to  stay...

She then jumped on to the fence..

Over the fence , appearing back at the bottom of the garden with a Sparrow ! the photos are not great as by now it was raining quite hard. She was there for well over half hour, nothing left of the poor Sparrow..


  1. Terrific photos of the Sparrowhawk, Amanda. You had a good sight of her.

    1. Thanks Wendy, she was right out side the kitchen window.. Might not be the same one but I do get them quite often in the garden, do get allot of Sparrows, I think she knows we're she can get food.