Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Looking for a Goldeneye


Had read there had been a Goldeneye seen on Yeadon Tarn, I have seen one up at Eccup  but it was along way of and the photo is not great. So on Sunday (29/12/13) ,I set of to have a look and the sun was shining.

Did manage to see..

Tufted Duck

Female Mallard


Black- headed Gull

Canada Geese

But no Goldeneye.

 Wednesday January 1st

Even though it was cold wet and dark there was plenty of people walking round the Tarn and family's feeding the ducks.

The only bit of colour came from the Canoe lined up..

The boat shed was open and they were sailing their boats on the water ( from in side).

Still no Goldeneye but I did see these birds to day...



About four years ago I had never seen these birds in my life.. but they are every were now, I don't know if they will stay on the Tarn or just passing through, there is allot of fishing at the Tarn and competitions.. They will be hoping some of these birds move on..Especially the Cormorants..

The Cormorants were lined up on the edge of the little island in the middle of the Tarn, some had their wings out...
there would be no warm sunshine to day...


There was to resting ( I think) Great Crested Grebes 

And last of all this little duck, I did see it the other day. It dose have the look of a female Mandarin, the size,and face but the colour is a little wrong. We do get Mandarin on the Tarn every year but they still have not managed to breed here.


  1. I like Tufted ducks they always look so cheeky. Happy New Year Amanda x

    1. Thanks, hoping the weather picks up so I can get out again soon..

  2. Lovely photos of all the birds. I love the mallard and the Great Crested Grebes - one of my favourites. I'm looking forward to their courtship displays in the spring. I'm sorry I'm late with your post but my computer is still not linking with yours - I'm sure joining GFC will do the trick.

  3. Thanks Wendy, hope you are able to follow me now. We have had G.S. Grebes nesting at the tarn, but some thing happened to the nest so no young, it could have been a fox, but the Tarn is very popular, which means allot of dogs, so sadly some people are quite happy to let them in the water, and the birds get worried.