Friday, 31 January 2014

Lime Tree

Have not been out the same this week as the weather has been sooooo bad..
 but last weekend we had a visit to my parents.

 In the playing fields stands a mighty Lime tree.

It has a huge Witches  broom fungus in the middle ( I think)

Sadly the tree has been loosing it's branches and they have found it is rotting in the middle, it looks like it might have to come down.

This is a special tree, late October/ November thousands of Starlings will come and roost in this tree over night. People will come to watch the Starlings perform great murmurations. Some years it will have a few, but one year they filled the whole sky and the noise was so loud. Not many people get the chance to get that close. 

October 2013

I will miss it...if it has to go..


  1. Thats a great shame Amanda. If only someone dealt with the problem earlier.

  2. I'd guess that a lot of the tree's leaves got caught in that witch's broom and essentially became compost, which in turn meant that the tree never dried out and finally rotted from being wet all the time. Too bad to lose such an old tree.

  3. I hate to see trees being cut down and as Roy says if only someone had done something earlier :-( Hopefully they'll replace it with a new sapling.

  4. It will be very sad if that lovely tree has to come down. The starling murmuration around it sounds wonderful

  5. Thank you all for leaving a comment, I will let you know of its progress .

  6. A lovely looking tree, is this in Giggleswick? I'd love to see the starlings there, we don't have them in my immediate locality, but I have seen them in some parts of the peak district. Is the tree still standing?!

  7. Hi Louise, yes sadly the tree has been removed, it was rotten right through the middle. It was in the field next to the playing field in Gigg.
    Mum said the poor Starlings were still coming back a week later just flying round looking for the tree :(
    Amanda xx

    1. Oh that is sad, poor starlings. I was hoping to see it, and the starlings before the tree disappeared but I'm far too late! I hope the birds will find another place to roost nearby.