Friday, 31 January 2014

Lime Tree

Have not been out the same this week as the weather has been sooooo bad..
 but last weekend we had a visit to my parents.

 In the playing fields stands a mighty Lime tree.

It has a huge Witches  broom fungus in the middle ( I think)

Sadly the tree has been loosing it's branches and they have found it is rotting in the middle, it looks like it might have to come down.

This is a special tree, late October/ November thousands of Starlings will come and roost in this tree over night. People will come to watch the Starlings perform great murmurations. Some years it will have a few, but one year they filled the whole sky and the noise was so loud. Not many people get the chance to get that close. 

October 2013

I will miss it...if it has to go..

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

On a sunny day in January

Sunny day in the park..


Two spot Ladybird 

Snowdrops (a little chewed)






So on a sunny day in January in the middle of winter there is lots of things to see.... 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A week of wonderful finds

Had another wonderful week of new finds and saw some old favourites..

Trouble is having time to find out what they are all called and record them... 
I'm just to fascinated by everything !!!!


Lichen is called Dog Lichen part of the Peltigera family there are over 91 specise 

Came across this on Yeadon Banks, I have no idea what it is, Lichen ? 
So if you Know please let me know.

Monday at the park found this plant growing out of a rotting tree stump, this is the second time I have recorded this plant this week, the first was growing on a wall out of some moss..

Plant belonging to the Galium sp. Family?
If you have any information, please let me know.

(Up date) Galium aparine.

Also on Tuesday the park was full of singing birds, Goldfinch, Mistle Thrush, Redwing, Chaffinch all in large groups.

Was a walk to Esholt woods..

One tree was covered in Orange, great colour, but is it a Lichen or Fungus ?

Lots of Jelly Ear Fungi

Mosses in the sun...

On the Church wall was this Jelly Fungi ? in the Moss

There was some flowers growing out of the wall..
Common Chickweed

Found more things but this set of finds has been driving me mad trying to find out what they are...
so many "families" of the same species look the same... 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Looking for a Goldeneye


Had read there had been a Goldeneye seen on Yeadon Tarn, I have seen one up at Eccup  but it was along way of and the photo is not great. So on Sunday (29/12/13) ,I set of to have a look and the sun was shining.

Did manage to see..

Tufted Duck

Female Mallard


Black- headed Gull

Canada Geese

But no Goldeneye.

 Wednesday January 1st

Even though it was cold wet and dark there was plenty of people walking round the Tarn and family's feeding the ducks.

The only bit of colour came from the Canoe lined up..

The boat shed was open and they were sailing their boats on the water ( from in side).

Still no Goldeneye but I did see these birds to day...



About four years ago I had never seen these birds in my life.. but they are every were now, I don't know if they will stay on the Tarn or just passing through, there is allot of fishing at the Tarn and competitions.. They will be hoping some of these birds move on..Especially the Cormorants..

The Cormorants were lined up on the edge of the little island in the middle of the Tarn, some had their wings out...
there would be no warm sunshine to day...


There was to resting ( I think) Great Crested Grebes 

And last of all this little duck, I did see it the other day. It dose have the look of a female Mandarin, the size,and face but the colour is a little wrong. We do get Mandarin on the Tarn every year but they still have not managed to breed here.