Sunday, 1 December 2013

New month

December 1 2013

Have not been to the park in over a week, so packed my camera and the dog and of we went.
I say park but actually it is two parks joined together.
Kirk lane Park  and Nunroyed park.

Most of my walks and photos are in Nunroyed park along the Shaw Beck as it is lined with trees.
But to day they were having a Cross Country Race.

Kirk Lane park is lined by a large wall all the way round.

Dow the lane that joins the two parks I was met with the noise of four Nuthatches darting a Squirrel  on the top of a shed. The light was not good but with the trees having lost their leaves it is easer to see the birds.



There was allot of Blue Tit, Great Tit and Goldfinch.

This tree has a large Burl on the side of it, I wonder how much life could be recorded in this ?

Looked closely at this row of trees.
One of them is damaged and the tree sap is coming out.

Found some Fungi under one of the trees, surprised to see them growing so late on in the year.

In the wall there were Ferns growing..

Mosses and Lichen

The moss has finished fruiting..

These Lichen were growing on the old iron gate leading into the park.

Spiders webs covered in Lichen.

A little bit of co;our in the park.

And next years life waiting for spring...


  1. I loved this wander through the park. I haven't seen Nuthatches for a long time, I wish I could tempt some to my bird feeders. The different moss and lichens are fascinating - such different textures and colours.
    (Just to say, I'm not receiving your posts, even though I'm a follower. I've subscribed again so hopefully this will do the trick)

  2. Thanks Wendy, love my park. This year I have recorded wild flowers, fungi and birds, next year I hope to record the trees and grasses. As well as top up what I've all ready recorded.