Monday, 16 December 2013

Moss hunting !

Chevin Forest Park

Desperate to be out side in the fresh air I went Moss hunting at the Chevin on Saturday, even though it was very dark an wet.

  This is the path at the bottom of the Chevin, have not been here for a log time, I usually walk round the top, but I remembered there was some large rocks here so good place to look for Mosses.

I was not disappointed....
This was a new one for me , it is part of the Bryopida moss family. It has a very fine leaf looks feathery.

The Bryopsida constitute the largest class of mosses, containing 95% of all moss species. It consists of approximately 11,500 species, common throughout the whole world.
The group is distinguished by having spore capsules with teeth that are arthrodontous; the teeth are separate from each other and jointed at the base where they attach to the opening of the capsule.[2]These teeth are exposed when the covering operculum falls off. In other groups of mosses, the capsule is either nematodontous with an attached operculum, or else splits open without operculum or teeth

Candlesnuff fungi (Xylaria hypoxylon)
Here are some more from the same family..

The rocks were covered in Lichen and mosses

Down in the town of Otley people were queuing to get in to do there Christmas shop..

There was so many things to see and discover..

The rocks looked great...

There was also allot  of Lichen about..

The light was getting bad... more photos of Mosses and Lichens I took to day can be seen on my other Blog..

Fungi / Lichens / Bryophytes

Just need to go through all the photos I took !!!!! need to go back here again when the light is a little better.


  1. Hi Amanda, its amazing what you can find on a dull and dreary day in woodland in the winter.
    You were definitely in a better place than those Christmas shoppers though.{:))

  2. Thanks Roy, I think this has been a good year for plants,... Summer full of wild flowers, and no snow this year means the mosses and lichens have been very good too.

  3. Absolutely lovely photos of your trek, the colours are beautiful, can't get over how much the first photo looks like a tiny persons legs sticking up out of the moss? though, or is that just me? Hope you have beautiful Christmas, x

  4. Thanks, that is a tiny person it is a fairy that lives amongst the rock and moss, I made him jump and he fell in head first, pulled him out after taking the photo.....