Friday, 27 December 2013

Birds are singing


Have noticed the birds are just starting to sing on a morning and are more active at the park , with all the leaves now gone have found it easy to spot them.
Photos not great as I have usually got the dog with me, so most shots are from a long way off.

Just up from the park the beck makes its way under the road and comes out in to a small area which is lined with trees, mainly Sycamore and Hawthorn, but there is two wild Apple trees. One tree has still got Apples on so the Blackbirds are loving this. This area is a great little pocket for wildlife.
Have been keeping a watch on the Hawthorn trees as they have been full of berries, this morning through the frosty air I noticed a group of birds flying from tree to tree.

They have managed to strip all the berries of the trees, there was Goldfinch feeding on the Alder trees, Blackbirds, and Chaffinch.

On Christmas day I came across Bullfinch at the park. There was a male and female.

The pond was a little frozen on Boxing day so the Black-headed Gulls were lined up on the edge.

On 21/12/13

Red Kite

Great Spotted woodpecker 

Blue Tit and Goldfinch


In the evening went up to Yeadon Banks have noticed allot of Carrion Crows and Gulls gathering in the Fields.
Need to go up without the dog and get in place and wait for them all to come in. The light was falling fast as well.

The sun was amazing as it set on the way back.


  1. Well you did get a good number and variety of sightings Amanda. There are times when I wish I only went out with a pair of binoculars rather than all the photographic gear. I keep trying to convince myself I should do that, but then I think thats the very time I will miss something exciting to photograph.

    1. Thanks Roy, I know what you mean, my camera is only small so it fits in my bag. But when I have not taken it there is always something to see.

  2. Lots of sightings and the sunset..... gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Jacqui, hope we have some more fine day befor the end of the holl's , like to be out side as much as possible....