Friday, 27 December 2013

Birds are singing


Have noticed the birds are just starting to sing on a morning and are more active at the park , with all the leaves now gone have found it easy to spot them.
Photos not great as I have usually got the dog with me, so most shots are from a long way off.

Just up from the park the beck makes its way under the road and comes out in to a small area which is lined with trees, mainly Sycamore and Hawthorn, but there is two wild Apple trees. One tree has still got Apples on so the Blackbirds are loving this. This area is a great little pocket for wildlife.
Have been keeping a watch on the Hawthorn trees as they have been full of berries, this morning through the frosty air I noticed a group of birds flying from tree to tree.

They have managed to strip all the berries of the trees, there was Goldfinch feeding on the Alder trees, Blackbirds, and Chaffinch.

On Christmas day I came across Bullfinch at the park. There was a male and female.

The pond was a little frozen on Boxing day so the Black-headed Gulls were lined up on the edge.

On 21/12/13

Red Kite

Great Spotted woodpecker 

Blue Tit and Goldfinch


In the evening went up to Yeadon Banks have noticed allot of Carrion Crows and Gulls gathering in the Fields.
Need to go up without the dog and get in place and wait for them all to come in. The light was falling fast as well.

The sun was amazing as it set on the way back.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Moss hunting !

Chevin Forest Park

Desperate to be out side in the fresh air I went Moss hunting at the Chevin on Saturday, even though it was very dark an wet.

  This is the path at the bottom of the Chevin, have not been here for a log time, I usually walk round the top, but I remembered there was some large rocks here so good place to look for Mosses.

I was not disappointed....
This was a new one for me , it is part of the Bryopida moss family. It has a very fine leaf looks feathery.

The Bryopsida constitute the largest class of mosses, containing 95% of all moss species. It consists of approximately 11,500 species, common throughout the whole world.
The group is distinguished by having spore capsules with teeth that are arthrodontous; the teeth are separate from each other and jointed at the base where they attach to the opening of the capsule.[2]These teeth are exposed when the covering operculum falls off. In other groups of mosses, the capsule is either nematodontous with an attached operculum, or else splits open without operculum or teeth

Candlesnuff fungi (Xylaria hypoxylon)
Here are some more from the same family..

The rocks were covered in Lichen and mosses

Down in the town of Otley people were queuing to get in to do there Christmas shop..

There was so many things to see and discover..

The rocks looked great...

There was also allot  of Lichen about..

The light was getting bad... more photos of Mosses and Lichens I took to day can be seen on my other Blog..

Fungi / Lichens / Bryophytes

Just need to go through all the photos I took !!!!! need to go back here again when the light is a little better.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Missing Leaves

Room to see..

What with the wind last week and the time of the year most of the leaves on the trees have now gone, the park has taken on a new feeling and opened up, I am now able to get to areas I could not before.

 It is a very wet park allot of under ground springs, making it boggy most of the winter, the sun was shining and when I go looking it will always surprises me with new things to find.

First was a great specimen of a bracket fungi.

Great Willowherb,Epilobium hirsutum

This plant looked a bit sad but on close inspection the water droplets looked beautiful.

This is what it looks like during the summer.

Next ... note to self remember to take your binoculars out with you....

Small flock of birds feeding on top of the  trees to far of to get a great photo and can't just tell what they are....

We have Greenfinch at the park and Siskin's during winter, could be either.

Had a walk along the path that runs beside the Beck, all the Brambles and Bracken have died back and I was able to get near the waters edge. Looking for .....


Thalloid liverworts (Marchantiophyta)

Conocephalum Conicum

Conocephalum Conicum

I am hoping to name all these as I want to record all plants at the park, need to some more research as I would like to get the names right. 

Moss- Mnium hornum 

Also I need too find some way of gauging all these plants, as these were really small but you can not tell this of the above photo.

This another type of Liverwort

                              Liverwort- Lunularia cruciata

Photos not to clear as it was a bit dark down in the bottom of the Beck.

Took some photos of some Coral Spot fungi (Nectria cinnabarina) but when I looked at them on the computer when I got home I could see some little mites on the fungi, they are so small....
need to find out what these are now!!!!!!!!

Tried to make the photo bigger so you can see the mites, there is a "mum" and a young one..

 Displaying crop.jpg

 This rock was covered in  Moss and Liverworts, from the photos it looks like the Liverwort is fruiting... or is it a Moss.... I have so many questions......

 Rhizomnium punctatum

 Rhizomnium punctatum

Taking a photo of some Moss in a tree again looking on the computer I saw there was a spider in the Moss... A Harvestman Spider

On the way back I came across 

Birch polypore
(Piptoprus betulinus)

And last the Pine trees looked great in the sun.....

Some of the Pine cones have Lichen growing on it....