Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Park life... Autumn

Trying to find life in the park during the colder months...now all the Butterflies and flowers are gone..

But take a closer look... you will be amazed with what you find..

Hiding amongst the cracks in the tree there is tiny fungi to be found...and

Large Mushrooms....

Beautiful little gardens of moss.

" Spangle Gall " on the back of the Oak leaf

Ladybirds and...


Swans on the pond

Lichen in the trees...and

on the path..

So there is allot to find...

You just have to LOOK.....


  1. Oh my - I love your pictures, such utterly beautiful and intriguing.

    Nina x

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment, I could spend all day wandering round taking photos....just love it..

  2. Thanks Jacqui, have been out to day looking at Moss !!! who new there was so many...and beautiful as well...

  3. What wonderful photos. Nature is so amazing when you look closely! xx

  4. I know it has always amazed me how most just don't notice the tiny beauty around them... I've not been able to get out much this year so thank you. Those Spangle Gall's are new to me and fab aren't they!