Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Almscliffe Crag

Windy and wet walk to...

Almscliff Crag is a Millstone Grit outcrop at the top of a small hill near the village of North Rigton, between Leeds and Harrogate in North YorkshireEngland. The crag was formed due to the softer adjacent strata of shale and mudstone eroding at a faster rate than the hard wearing millstone.

It was very windy and wet

Not very good for photos as it would come over all dark and rain.

You could see for miles..

 The cows were up on the rocks trying to keep out of the rain...

Some people were not watching their dog and it was bothering the cows, I was going to say some thing when one of the cows had a wee, because of the strong wind they got covered in pee...Ha..

Allot of the stones has some very old graffiti on them..

Heather still looking green and fresh..

Fungi and Lichens are my new "thing" still have allot of reading and research to do before I feel I can name some.


This is the view looking back over to Pool and Otley..

The rainbows were nice to see..

It was to windy and wet to be on the rocks,having said that there was some brave soles rock climbing, it is a well known place for rock climbers.

I would have liked to take a closer look at the names in the rock.

Back to the car and the sun came out.


  1. Dramatic images Amanda.
    Back to the car and the sun comes out, that happens to me a lot.{:))

    1. We have been here a few times, but the weather turns out bad... on a good day you could see for miles.
      Thanks for leaving a comment.

  2. Some lovely images there Amanda. Brings back memories of camping in Wensleydale.

  3. Thanks Phil for coming by and leaving a comment