Friday, 12 July 2013

Rombald's Moor

Sunday 7 July

Set of hoping to see the Blue Butterflies I found here last year on the road side before you get on the Moor,did not see was much wetter last year and they seemed to be near the boggy areas.Did see my first Ringlet and Small Heath,moving to much to get a photo.
There was allot of Common Cottongrss,never seen as much.All the trees and other plants were covered in seeds.

There was Grouse,Meadow Pipits,Curlew,and Skylark.

There has been some new shooting bays put in since I was there last.

The white of the Cottongrass looked stunning amongst the Heather .

Flowers for the day would be Bell Heather,looking so bright.

Went up the Long path,last year we had gone one evening and you could not see the path for Midges,we came home as we were getting eaten alive...


  1. Amazing images Amanda. I have never seen a Grouse.

  2. Thanks Roy, it is a Red grouse