Thursday, 25 July 2013

Roadside life...

On the Otley By-pass there are allot of Wild flowers on the road side. Parked the car at Burley roundabout.

Road side

At the top of this photo you can just see the lights for the roundabout.


Field Scabious

There were allot of Butterflies as well.
Woodland Brown

Meadow Brown

Small Tortoiseshell


Small Tortoiseshell

Greater Knapweed


Walked down to the river Wharf, then along the path that is adjacent to the road,it is full of trees and plants.

River Wharf

Another new flower,on the river bank.

Lots of Ferns in the darker parts of the walk.

You then walk under the By-pass and end up in Burley,back along the road to the car. Walked pass were I had parked down another road,saw a cat playing with some thing it turned out to be a Shrew!!!

Shrew and Cat
Church at Burley

Sloe Berry

(Prunus spinosa)

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