Sunday, 14 July 2013

Glorious Park Life

8 July 2013

Yet another sunny day and a visit to the park,it amazes me how I am still finding new Wild Flowers every time I go,and to day was no exception.
I did not have the dog with me as I was after Butterflies to day,walked through the long grass at the boggy part of the park,I heard a noise and I could see some thing in the grass,at first I thought it was a Chicken as there are some smallholding near the park with animals on.Then I saw it's two pointy ears poking through the long grass,I had nearly walked into a FOX!! sunning it's self.I moved back to get a photo but it spotted me, turned round and walked back in to the maze of bushes (no photo) Well I was happy just to see the Fox have never seen one at the park,turned round to go back and spotted a Wild Flower not seen before.

Purple Loosestrife

There was Speckled Wood,Ringlet and Meadow Brown flying round in good numbers.

Speckled Wood 

Round at the pond I watched a Broad-bodied chaser,did not say still for log and when it did it rested on the plants next to the water so I could not get a good shot.

There was still allot of Damselfly's about but just spotted a Large Red Damselfly before it flew off.

There was also allot of Bees on the Raspberry flowers,need to learn more about I.D Bees.

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